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Dawlish News

@OLD FART - you're wrong (but then personality comments usually are). @Cassandra - no. but i do live in an area which may be subject to massive development in the not too distant future.

Parts of Langdon Hospital are secure - other parts are not. I'm fortunate not to have a family that have suffered mental illness - I hope to god that you have too because they're not going to get much sympathy from you lot! There are many people locally who have spent time in Langdon who are now living in the community with no adverse effects. We had a lovely lady who was confined there for ...

I lived in Meadow Rise at the start of this development. I see nothing wrong with it being finished! Better than the wasteland than is at the end of Meadow Park - short-term disruption for long term housing. Plus it'll count towards development in Dawlish and may save a few hundred yards of 'green field'. Let them get on with it and good luck to the man.

You're right Ducky (????!!!) (Never said that to anyone before!!!) But that was after the LA destroyed Devon's version of Venice Beach.

14 Oct 2013

Hi Ed Some deal was done between the traders and the LA. Most of Dawlish thought it a bit dodgy at the time. All the shops were demolished/dismantled and one large monstrosity built instead. That's all I know. There was always concern that the large fire appliance couldn't get into the Warren if there was a fire which was one of the reasons the town was given a Ranger which ...

14 Oct 2013

Not destroyed by fire Ed......demolished by the Council!

I see that there are apparently Cirl Buntings on this site too! We're being overrun by them!lol

Why does this forum do that? Go small I mean!!!!

19 Sep 2013

It was always going to happen wasn't it? They even put a slip into this land from the road when they built Sainsbury's! Why object to the housing (and useless community building) if you didn't object to Sainsbury's? The developers obviously think they'll sell the properties or they would'nt be building them. What needs to be concentrated on now (because the argue ment is lost) is to ensure that ...

We should form a welcoming committee!

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