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Cllr Alan Connett 8 hrs · Big Weekend traffic management for Kenton, Starcross and Exminster areas. Headlines from a meeting I had with Council officers this week so I could update you are below: Important to note that Teignbridge Council plans to send a letter with full details to households. Residents parking permits are not being issued and there will be no special parking ...

A verbally abusive cyclist that shouts at families and takes keys out of cars is on the loose in Devon. Teignmouth and Dawlish police are asking for the public's help after receiving multiple reports of a man being abusive to people whilst he cycles through the towns. Officers have decided to get involved after numerous members of the public have been verbally abused by a man travelling up ...

Property fire
23 Apr 2016

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A family say they finally have closure after a jury ruled a faulty cherry picker was to blame for an Exeter dad's death. The inquest into the death of Kenneth "Kenny" Leach, a painter and decorator from Exeter, was formally closed this morning after the jury returned a narrative verdict. The 49-year-old died at Derriford Hospital on December 14, 2014 - a day after he was crushed by a cherry ...

A plumber has admitted defrauding customers who were not given the chance to get lower quotes from rivals for work on their bathrooms and boilers. Michael Hall quoted one price to clients but charged them a higher rate for his work and failed to provide the proper documentation to six clients in Dawlish, Teignmouth and Newton Abbot areas. He admitted six counts of fraud when he appeared at ...

I wonder if Teignbridge District Council has a gifts and hospitality policy to avoid accusations of bribery and corruption?

@Morty Vicker - not sure why you've tagged me or what your point is.  we got tickets but not via the priority tickets.

4 Apr 2016

If you are going somewhere else in the locale on those days beware that Teignbridge are making money on park and rides.  Dawlish Leisure Centre is one of them charging £11 for people to park.  Check before you travel somewhere that you will be able to park or hibernate ... @Lynne - went online as soon as it opened and was only trying for sunday.  56 minutes and then zilch.  i understand the ...

4 Apr 2016

Spent 56 minutes in a queue trying to get tickets for my kids but failing.  It's not a free event either £8.50 booking fee.  What a crock.

Perhaps he was looking for bicycle hire?

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