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Must have come through the back roads as it didn’t come up Badlake Hill. Was removed by low loader pretty promptly at about 8.30pm.

How do you cross the railway line to get to the beach? I understood that all that land belonged to Network Rail and they have strict regulations about building work, access, etc.

I can honestly say that in a good few years of working in both Citizens' Advice Bureau and in an office in town dealing with the public, this is the first time I have come across anything that could be classed, even vaguely, as 'racism'. Generally, I have found the residents of Dawlish to be open-minded and without prejudices with regard to fellow human beings. As you can see from further postings ...

House of Faser
7 Jun 2018

The Exeter store is not in the list of those for closure, but the Plymouth one is.

No sign anywhere in town centre & online picture still appears to show them on corner of Wellington St.

5 Jun 2018

Anyone know what has happened to the Complete estate agency in Teignmouth? Appeared to be “completely” empty when I was over there this morning, even the office sign had been removed.

All the aforementioned businesses need a BANK. Are you listening, Lloyds?

Good grief - cramming them in there!

@flo No-one is attacking all dogs but in this case the owner obviously didn't have control over a strong and volatile animal. This is an undesirable scenario for all sorts of reasons but the main one being that small children are likely to be running around in the immediate neighbourhood, given that the Lawn and its environs are supposed to be 'family friendly'.

A lot of the older people who live in Dawlish will soon be marooned in their homes if all the shops disappear. For a great many of them, the only face to face interaction with other people is when they go shopping, to the post office, bank, etc. It can't be any good for their mental and physical health to be stuck indoors without any reason to go out or place to go to. @leatash we may be ...