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There's an interesting metal plate on the seawall side of the Kennaway footbridge. It marks the dividing line between Network Rail land and TDC land. It might be worth taking a photo of it.

Whilst I understand why people feel concerned about homes being built on greenfield sites (despite the fact that only 2% of our land is built on), however I don't understand why people say that new homes aren't needed. All these new homes are being sold and lived in by either the homeowners or their tenants.   So clearly there's a need, otherwise they'd all be left unsold. Or am I being too ...

Didn't think you would...

14 Aug 2016

Can you remember how many rafts took part Paul?

Quite right Gary. It's disturbing that there are still people who don't realise this.

13 Aug 2016

Coastal or Country? Interesting.

I thought I'd read somewhere that the money for this project is only available if it's to be located on the Lawn. I may have misread that of course. I've recently wondered a few times whilst taking young members of my family over to play at the park in Teignmouth, whether residents there complained using similar arguments about green spaces etc when it was first proposed?  Whilst we had to ...

12 Aug 2016

It will indeed. Hopefully in the same vein as other recent improvements to the locality.

12 Aug 2016

I wouldn't go into Bovey Tracy if it wasn't for me visiting Stover or Parke. Maybe people who wouldn't normally come to Dawlish might do so if they visit the forthcoming park (be it a country or a coastal park)? So there may be a positive impact. Let's see. I know my glass is half full compared to a lot on here, but there you go.  That's my opinion, which I'm entitled to just like you're ...

11 Aug 2016

Because the landowner insisted upon it until their land was sold? if so, then that's totally standard and above board. And until we know the precise location, who's to judge the impact on traders?