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Woodcock's Posts

That's a bit harsh on Judith Chalmers! She's a bit stocky I guess, but a man? I didn't know she lived around here.

17 Jul 2015

@Margaret Swift I'm not Our Soul. If people assume I am and 'troll' me or whatever you call it then I'm unlikely to not react.

17 Jul 2015

Assume what you like Burnside, does that explain your attitude towards me? So far I've found this site to be nothing but negative.

17 Jul 2015

Am I meant to be an incarnation of Our soul??

17 Jul 2015

This bloke again! How many people have bicycles in their garage or garden shed? A minority?

17 Jul 2015

Were you the school troll?

Is Sally Williams a spammer from the land of the free?

I'd happily pee on a communal compost dump, ammonia aids decomposition. Maybe combine loos with the green waste issue. same with solids, it creates bio-gas and fertilizer. Better than all the faecal matter ending up on the Warren beach. Otherwise there's always the Conservative Club.

@ Fred Bassett Cycle paths for a minority group? Which one? I've been riding on cycle paths for ages, I thought they were for everyone?

Our 'esteemed' leader surely meant 'you all have to shoulder all of the burden' . It's going to get a lot worse, they'll cut much deeper.