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Dawlish News

Has it actually gone downhill or is it the advent of social media and 24 hour news. I was a teenager when you moved down leatash and it definitely wasn't perfect then, just not as publicised.

There's a transit near there in the trees which has been there for a while with police tape round.  Hope whoever turned that one is ok, looked nasty.

Following a search of the area a 24-year-old man from Bedford was arrested on suspicion of common assault.

more twilight zone @elvis presley

29 Aug 2018

I didn't change my mind.  I set my account to delete but I guess it's another thing that doesn't work along with capital letters and cut and paste. Why Burnside how does it affect you, you've obviously searched through posts to find that? I've noted that there's a lot of snideness on here which just stops from name calling, to keep on the right side of the rules I guess. I'm happy to have a ...

29 Aug 2018

i fear double standards on this site @Lynne .  some people seem to get away with being really vile.

It's at a very accessible location.  You can access from Sainsburys, through the new estate and then a kissing gate to the countryside park.  I do it regularly.

7 Jul 2018

I wait with interest if they catch the people to see if they're local. Chippy Chaps has also posted CCTV footage of people trying to break into their establishment, wondering if it's related as has Rock and Sole.

Freemasons in Dawlish
11 Jun 2018

@elvis presley and my response was to majorp!

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