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Dawlish News

So you are saying that people with diminished mental capabilities are partially responsible for the demise of the swans? Wow, that's a sweeping statement! I ask you kindly to apologise to everyone who had the misfortune to read that.  Thank you

Cool make it a glass tunnel so we can see all the fishes like at the sealife centres! Glass tunnel, glass roof on trains.......let's start the campaign here!

Prince Harry & Meghan
19 May 2018

I was being a bit dry, I have been trying to avoid the wedding stuff as it's not for me, not sure where hell comes into it, I am not a religious person, but majorly was pointing out what seems to me to be obvious.......fuck I am boring myself here, someone get me a knife so i can top myself lol

19 May 2018

Well done, you spotted it then? Lol

I believe the pot holes are due to the weather which has been unexpected in the UK for the last 10000 years a spokesman said "wow who would have expected road surfaces to deteriorate" is there nothing interesting happening on this site!?

Long live the internet lol

Off topic, bitching and moaning, I pity the fools!

Perhaps they had a blazer in the dryer!

Well I use it and I walk to it, it will be better once it's a bit more mature, but I can wait. If you don't like it that's fine with me, that means you won't be there, happy days!

Shame it was so wet, it put me off going on Sunday.

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