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Dawlish News

Thank you im just trying to get over what has happened my little boy was left so shook up. To be honest i dont blame the police as they didnt know what had happened until the next day when they saw my face was black and blue. I still have a head injury which has so far changed who i am, normally im out with my son on our bikes and now i can just about make it walking to my local shop. Society has ...

22 Jul 2018

You need to get your facts correct i was not drunk with child i was attacked with a child and i have a head injury thats why they thought i was drunk i was hit around the head with a drink can. And i wish your town had cctv to prove it its a warning to others that do not feel you are safe in dawlish clearly you are not

22 Jul 2018

i  was attacked shame they dont have cctv and shame that the drug addicts that attacked me are still walking around free only a matter of time untill they do it too someone else. This women is me and i have a head injury from this attack. An attack that was witnessed by my child. And i had concussion and ni i was not drunk

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