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Your off button to work...

26 May 2018

Says you!! Good grief.

Prince Harry & Meghan
20 May 2018

If only you had an off button...

Hook isn’t confused, Devon Live have taken an old quote of his about the inner car park at the Warren, and wrongly inserted it into this story about the car park at the Countryside Park.

11 May 2018

There are two separate projects. Devon Live has got itself mixed up, however despite appearances the councillors haven’t.

Baileys/Seabreeze is listed as being at 17-20 Piermont Place. This application is for 15C-20. It’s therefore safe to assume that this application includes what was known as the Beach Cafe (the small unit immediately to the right of Willo’s, as you look from the road, being 15C and the main Beach Cafe being 16).

This is excellent! As someone who wears my Dementia Friend badge with pride, I believe that Sefton Hall should be applauded for this.  I would also heartily recommend learning more about how being a Dementia Friend can make a real difference.

Apart from those who have passed away, please share with us the names of those who don’t  post on here any more? And why you think that are they “unfortunate”?  I’ve posted nothing aggressive - it’s not me telling others to give it a rest, is it?!  If you can’t stand someone having a different view to you, then Internet forums really aren’t for you... And as for why I keep bringing up about ...

5 Apr 2018

Why are you trying to deny me my freedom of speech? My opinion is as valid as yours, it’s just that I don’t feel the need to write “in my opinion” or the nonsensical “without prejudice” on every other post. Ex-police officer, my backside.

4 Apr 2018

Or took a photo and complained about it later online rather than at the time...

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