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Dawlish News

Did anyone on this thread actually make a FOI request? I would have hoped that if they had, then they'd have shared the outcome with us all.

It's only been a year since the Red Arrows last displayed at Dawlish... Hopefully the Reds will be back again next year as part of OUR fantastic Carnival.

Oh sorry LN, I thought you were on a crusade to stop housing being built. Apologies if I've misread your articles.

15 Aug 2016

Hope you're not too disappointed LN, the programme will be bemoaning the fact that not enough new homes are being built!

15 Aug 2016

What something is that Bee9?  Factual? Positive?  Half Full?

15 Aug 2016

Whilst I understand why people feel concerned about homes being built on greenfield sites (despite the fact that only 2% of our land is built on), however I don't understand why people say that new homes aren't needed. All these new homes are being sold and lived in by either the homeowners or their tenants.   So clearly there's a need, otherwise they'd all be left unsold. Or am I being too ...

14 Aug 2016

Quite right Gary. It's disturbing that there are still people who don't realise this.

13 Aug 2016

Coastal or Country? Interesting.

7 agree with your trolling so far. 😭

28 Jul 2016

Yes. I believe that the Strand is a far more attractive proposition than it was prior to the redevelopment. In terms of a shopping experience, a parking experience, a pedestrian experience and a horticultural experience. All that's needed to complete the positive transformation is the new play park.

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