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Joshua Sanchez lashed out with a full pint glass in his hand after the two men jostled each other as they walked through the Lansdowne in Dawlish. Read more...

LIFEGUARDS will be back on Teignmouth and Dawlish beaches from May 29, reports Wendy Richards Wood, Volunteer Press Officer Teignmouth RNLI Fundraising Team Read more...

But as dear Alison got in again, she will sort it out. (Pigs have been fed and ready for take off) I wonder how many people complain about the police but voted that waste of space in again?

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
23 May 2021

I sure agree with these posts. And once again we have the ( Airbnb) inside the bandstand two of them. Take a look at your new council tax notice, I was shocked 6% to Dawlish Council.

I agree with the posts. If you haven't opened your council tax bill make sure you are sitting down.

Southwest rail resilience programme, it may be good for stopping the railway line falling into the sea, but in my opinion, it is destroying Dawlish as a seaside town.

@1263 - more chance of coming across a pile of rocking horse s t, in my opinion.

Dawlish has been in steady decline over the last 20 years or so. We have The Lawn that has prohibition notices, but no enforcement. Feral gangs of kids roaming around dressed in dark tracksuits, hoodies and baseball caps with fanny packs strapped across their chest with some on push  bikes with rucksacks emulating the feral gangs you see on TV. The chances of seeing a bobby walking around ...

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
22 May 2021

A SCHEME that has been in operation throughout the country for many years and which is as important today as it is ever been is Neighbourhood Watch (NHW).The executive committee, for many years under the chairmanship of Geoff Hughes who saw membership grow to more than 280 wardens at its height, spread as far as Mortonhampstead, Exminster, Dawlish and Teignmouth. Read more... ...

Prevention advice - get more bobbies on the beat,

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