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Another scam is the amount of money we pay for policing!

Sounds like a complete knob and he has to bring up his childhood as a mitigating reason. LOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSEEEEERRRRRRR.

16 Jun 2021

No wonder at these prices.......................

Seen plenty of people camping and having bbq's at Dawlish Warren. Its the same as everything around Dawlish ....loads of rules and signs but absolutely no enforcement.

Banged on my door a couple of days ago. A little persistent although polite. Weather permitting I always answer these people from my balcony that sits high and to the side of the front door. This tends to put them off their patter a little. I also have a good quality camera recording all video and sound from inside the porch. With another camera watching the road and garden outside the ...

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
15 Jun 2021

They are back again…out of force door to door salesman. Unfortunately they are not so nice and seem to get a little upset if you say no so please be aware and stay safe. They might state that they are a young offender who have just got out of prison selling cleaning goods. They state they have to make so much per day to be signed off by probation another story is that they are in a hostel and they ...

Please remember that fires and barbecues are not permitted anywhere at Dawlish Warren. There is no access for fire engines without closing the railway line

HMS Prince of Wales has been spotted off the Torbay coast and two Chinooks have been spotted soaring across a perfect blue sky The £3.3billion combat vessel was first seen a few miles off the coast yesterday (June 14) where it sailed past Berry Head. Now, this morning two chinooks have also been filmed roaring past paddleboarders on Meadfoot beach towards Dawlish. Read more... ...

Justin Gelsthorpe, 38, lost his temper and dragged his girlfriend from the car in Exeter He started 'driving like a maniac' around Countess Wear after she suggested they could not afford the takeaway at Dawlish. Read more...

Usual point scoring by labotomy Dems, knowing full well they won't get it but gets publicity. How about more government money to protect us from labotomy Dems policies.

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