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Dawlish Notices

Karateka that's just the sort of reponse we like to hear! It's not all about Brian & Andy and they encourage other talented musicians "out there" to get involved which provides a great friendly atmosphere. I can comment that visitors enjoy their experience and buy the lads drinks to encourage them to keep the experience going which they all do without little persuation. Visitors think it's great ...

24 Jul 2011

I only put this posting on for general information. Take -it -or leave it! it was not an opportunity to take a swipe at anything new anyone wishes to try io Dawlish. End of thread please.

8 Jul 2011

You can't please everybody all of the time, however we hope we can please most some of the time. I'm sure visitors who have not been to Dawlish or not having heard Brian & Andy & Co play before will enjoy the experience. Only yesterday evening a visiting musician Arthur & his wife visited the Exeter after performing in Torbay at a Care Home . They were dressed in WAC and GI Uniforms and ...

30 Jun 2011

Yes they do "wondering", many are from Holland, South Africa, France, Australia and Canada. They enjoy the ambiance of the pub, good food and the entertainment. Public Houses are in demise these days what with the smoking ban, increased rent and ties to breweries who supply beer at very un competetive prices. Landlords have to keep their fingers on the pulse 24-7 and anything that can be offered ...

30 Jun 2011

Brian Steffans and co play between 5pm and 7pm Sunday and therefore are not a problem to residents. In fact from the Street one has to be very close to actually hear the music that is being played. Many people in on a Friday evening have eaten and relax when Adrian performs and really enjoy his musical talent and style. He doesn't belt out songs as he plays acoustic guitar and sings varied ...

27 Jun 2011

Adrian can be checked out by visiting his bands web site:

27 Jun 2011

As well as great food,ales,lagers and wines visit the Exeter Inn for live music. Every Friday evening acoustic guitarists and singer ADRIAN between 21.00pm - 23.00pm. Every Sunday Brian Steffans/ Andy Jones/ Chris and Johnny plus guests (open mic').

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