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Dawlish Notices

Upcoming Events on Dawlish Notices

Warren Farm, Warren Road
Saturday, 13 July 2024
Start 10:30

Open 10.30am music from 11am Closes at 10pm

Tuesday, 26 March 2024 - Thursday, 10 October 2024
Start 09:00

Sending flowers to Melbourne isn't going to be expensive. With our affordable delivery service for flowers that you can delight the ones you cherish with stunning arrangements that don't cost a fortune. From stunning roses to lively flowers, we have many different flowers that will suit any preference and budget.

Strand Centre
Tuesday, 05 March 2024 - Tuesday, 03 December 2024
Start 18:30
Finish 20:30

Dance and sing to music to music through the decades 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 1st Tuesday each month.

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