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Illegal Parking
16 May 2017

I see a lot of Blue Badge on display that are folded in half and not showing any time, is this llegal . I have cars/vans parked for days.

12 May 2017

Yesterday I see five vans parked on Cycle Path/Pavement  near Lanherne.

Dog poop
11 May 2017

Do we still have a Dog Warden ????????????????

Illegal Parking
11 May 2017

Parking in Dawlish is a Joke, I have reported a van parked on the Pavement, and  Bus Stop near Lanherne since last October 2016 and it still parks every day.

Clatworthy wins it
5 May 2017

Congratulation John I know you put in alot of work to win.

Will Mr Bulpin be tuning away any booking from campers that will go to the Festival. It's only one day Not a week. It looks like it's NOT Bulpin idea, so you can't have it.

General Election
23 Apr 2017

Lynne why don't you put up for the Elections, as you always have lot's opinions, GOOD AND BAD.

Cherry Picker
9 Apr 2017

We are looking to hire a Cherry Picker for a job in Dawlish.

All the bins have a phone number on , to report full bins.

1 Apr 2017

You can recycle tins in  Sandy Lane Car Park.

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