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A questionable butterfly


Berniece Wallace86

So now ND you have found the person who is responsible for the storm damage in Feb 2014 where the sea washed away the railway lines and sea wall. Perhaps you were not here during that time. But thanks for being so observant. Chesil Beach is a National Heritage Site.

Very Interesting arguments on both sides for deciding IN or Out. Of course it's a leap of faith whichever way you view it, but you have to ask yourself do you want to be ruled by Brussels which of course we will be if we stay in and with the impending of Turkey being granted membership along with others. If you think services are at breaking point now it's going to get a lot worse. We all have ...

21 May 2016

As far as the referendum is concerned the people who will vote out know that they wont win it will be fixed for the remain side. I will be voting OUT. I wonder which way this forum would be voting? Lets do our own survey. Anyone up for it.....

I would suggest to Jelly that you rent somewhere for about a year. That way you would get to know the area without making a committment to buy.

The EU had good intentions from the beginning even though in my opinion the voting was rigged during the EEC vote during the 70s. Telling us that cucumbers had to be straight, apples had to be a certain circumference demanding we go metric, thank God we told them where to stick the EURO. Now it has morphed into a dictatorship demanding that member countries do as they are told. As it stands now we ...

It seems to me that nobody wants to own up to anything when they are clearly in the wrong.  Last week there was a family sitting on the lawn with their dog running free and chasing geese. I asked them to restrain their dog and they appeared to be enjoying seeing their dog chasing the geese and laughing their heads off. Then only yesterday my wife was walking along the Strand and once again their ...

Thank you Lynne for taking the time to spell out what that all means to some folk. What does amaze me however that the subject of the Dawlish Warren toilets would generate over 3,500 views.

20 Apr 2016

On reading DJ post 15 April 18:47.  Yesterday evening i was driving to Cockwood it was 5:45pm. I was waiting at the traffic lights at the Warren road and there were about 6 cars in line at these lights. Felt sorry for those coming into Dawlish as the line of cars was all the way back to the roundabout at Sainsbury's. Surley they can't be that idiotic !! but then again perhaps they are. Just needs ...

Barton Surgery
13 Apr 2016

I'm afraid it's a culture thing not allowing you to speak not just with the doctors office but any so called customer service rep here in the UK. The way to handle it is not to speak let them do all the yapping, and then when the person ask's are you still there just ask them to repeat otherwise shut the hell up and listen to what the customer has to say. As for waiting times at the surgery ask if ...

30 Mar 2016

I heard that David Force is going to put on the carnival this year, is it just a rumour?  What was the truth with Farley. Thanks

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