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Syrian refugees
8 Sep 2015

That's a Pakistani flag isn't it? Is there a war in Pakistan or aren't these chaps refugees?

8 Sep 2015

Yes...5th Column really! I didn't say I was 'going to reject a while (sic) group of people'. I didn't say 'that the majority of people looking for asylum are here to cause harm to non muslims'. Your argument amounts to "Because i said so"! I don't know the answer to this issue...but it is surely not to just open the borders! (This damn site has done it again with the font ...

8 Sep 2015

@slargemail Okay - I respect your opinion. Now explain how/why it is complete rubbish and I'm sure some of us would be grateful if you could provide evidence. 9/11, the July 7th London Bombings, Charlie Hebdo etc. Do you think that no muslims wants to cause mayhem in the West? Perhaps I'm an ostrich to a refugee crisis........or perhaps it's you to a potential 5th Column. Please ...

I wonder why TDC didn't keep the green bin for food waste and then only issued a new bin to anyone who wants a garden waste collection. Seems to me that they could have saved a few bob - of OUR money!

Syrian refugees
7 Sep 2015

@slargemail I think leatash feels the same way as many of us. We have no idea who we are giving succour to and we have no way of finding out. The potential for an Islamic Jihadist/IS Trojan Horse is massive - and some of us don't want to see that on the streets of Europe.

7 Sep 2015

There is no way the US will allow Israeli troops to get involved. If you want to see IS grow exponentially overnight then that is the way to do it.

Some of the cycle path is off road/gravel, some is cycle designated pavement and the last few hundred metres is main road (but that is due to change apparently). Good train and bus services from Dawlish. Not so good from Dawlish Warren but still okay.

~Why do we repeatedly get subjected to this U.S marketing rubbish?

It's reasonably easy to put a care package in place. Top Tip: Write a letter to Soc Svcs stating that you believe that without one the person needing assistance will be in danger. Therefore you are making the referral to make Soc Svcs aware of the situation and understand that they have a statutory responsibility to safeguard that person. I use a proforma letter that I devised at work and it ...

Dawlish.....we love to make a drama out of a crisis! lol

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