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Fifacoinkopen Nl
From The Grave
03 May 2017 09:54

If you voted Independent and on that Independent platform that candidate won office would you expect them to function and behave as an Independent Councillor?


What if a year into office that candidate became a member of a party that you voted against in the election? What if a year into office they now believe in the principles and values of the party you oppose. Would you feel cheated?


What if their campaign and work in office is so closely aligned with those of the party you oppose, that the term 'Independent' becomes meaningless?


Can they still claim to be an Independent Councillor if in practice and principle they wholeheartedly believe in a political party?


At constituency level - wouldn't a MP doing the same trigger a bye-election?


Most Independent Councillors emphasize that they have no political affiliation - They seem to grasp the meaning of 'Independence'.


So why do some councillors blatantly disregard those who elected them on and Independent platform in the first place? 

Would you be angry? 


And should they make their change of allegience public? 

Why keep the electorate in the dark?



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Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
04 May 2017 22:48

@Indy Scot can you tell us what prompted your post?

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Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
05 May 2017 00:52

Margaret, you should know better than to feed the trolls.

Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
05 May 2017 08:20

Gary, this is an important issue. 

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05 May 2017 11:10

@Margaret Swift.


I wanted to know which independent councillors represented what kind of politics - as 'independent' is an ambiguous term. Does it mean left, right or centre? What are their principles and values, what contribution have they made to their community before or prior to being elected. What is their job or previous career and how is that relevant? etc.

 What are their views on local issues, like food banks, austerity, education, health care, etc.


I went on the Town Council website and looked at the Councillors' profiles. Very few had written a short description about themselves.


Most Tories and both Lib Dems only provide their contact details. Which tells me nothing - but as they belong to a national party I at least know where they sit on the political spectrum.

Which is why I'd only vote Independent in town council elections.

But I needed more information about them.


The Tories, who have wriiten something, largley tell me how many children they've sired and whether they play golf or how many years they've lived in the area.

Fascinating as all this is, it tells me nothing really about them as councillors.


In any case I wanted to know about independent councillors.

Only one councillor had written a good description; Cllr Tamlyn. It tells me everything I need to know.


I contacted the other three councillors, Cllr Lowther sent me a draft to ask my opinion. It didn't need any editing and he swiftly posted it on the DTC website, that was last week. It also tells me everything I need to know. 


Clr Almond sent me an email which made explicit where he sits on the political spectrum, etc. I imagine this will form the basis of his Councillor biography, should he choose to post one.


You can view the councillors here;


These councillors emphasized the fact that they have no political affiliation or membership. That they are truly independent.

To them it was evidently important to state this point.


What prompted the post? The email response of the fourth 'independent' councillor to my question 'What is an independent'? 


I asked if the Councillor would edit the email response and post a Councillor bio on the DTC website for the public to view. I also asked if they would continue to use the term 'independent'. 

I'm still waiting for a reply, it has been almost 2 weeks now....


I think it is only right that we continue to ask questions of our representatives whilst in office. 


We've just lost two decent independent councillors - if independent candidates come forward, then the same questions should be asked of their perception of the term 'Independent'.

We need to know who represents our views and what factors might influence their decision making in office.


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Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
06 May 2017 07:45

@Indy Scot, thanks for your detailed reply, really helpful. i'll take a look at the information.


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06 May 2017 12:37

@Margaret Swift you're welcome.

10 May 2017 21:48


Still waiting.. and still no changes on the website. Just silence.

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