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2014 Visitor Season
1 Mar 2014

If what you say is correct Michael then as a town we are in a very vunerable situation as to our future sea defense. It is also unthinkable that Network Rail have the capability and entittlement to hold the town to ransome. It now becomes even clearer that once the trains are running again nothing further will be done for a very long time. Perhaps now is the time for a published guaranteed ...

1 Mar 2014

@stephen15 You are spot on there and typical of why Teignmouth prospers and Dawlish seeps further into decay. Yes we will undoubtably "return to normal" with no lessons learnt, no changes made, no new thinking and no new investment. Unless your a historical railway fanatic its perfectly obvious that the line is just a blight on the town which in turn prevents any development of the sea ...

1 Mar 2014

@michaelclayson Thanks for the info however it isent very helpfull in addressing the main points of the post. Perhaps you could enlighten further as to A) What gives Network Rail the right to virtually take over the town and declare huge parts of it "off limits" and if this is likely to be a regular occurrance then the sooner they move the line inland the better. B) Where do Network rail ...

1 Mar 2014

With all the activity in Dawlish currently surrounding the repair of the railway line it seems that all three levels of council have forgotten that today is the start of the holiday/visitor season for Dawlish. Once again we a going to loose out to Teignmouth, their seafront to a certain degree of useability has been repaired, cleaned up and made ready for use. Ours is still covered in broken ...

Wonder what the rush was to leave the Mount, must have got the bill

How many official openings is the revamped Strand going to have. This is the second I know of and could even be the third.

Regardless of if the figures are misleading or not, the fact that Langdon is not a Hospital but a prision is not. What is misleading are the cover ups from NHS managers responsible for the place, and the fact that dangerous convicted criminals are being allowed out into the community either on their own or with totally unsuitable escorts. A more interesting freedom of information request ...

4 Nov 2013

They certainly wont tell prospective house buyers the truth, its time the can was well and truly opened on exactly what that place is and who is in there. For to long its been hidden under the guise of a hospital, when in fact its a secure prision for some of the countries worst life serving offenders who if in the USA would be facing execution. It needs a secondary security fence building all ...

If the Fun Fair lorries had done this we would still be paying for it Double standards at work again

@Michael clayson As expected the political lies, book passing, and public missleading have extended to this topic. Wrote to Mr Pickles via e-mail to complain about his involvement in this planning application. The response is nothing short of a joke Via email Our Ref:    ER/80/027910/13 9 October 2013 Thank you for your ...

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