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A plumber has admitted defrauding customers who were not given the chance to get lower quotes from rivals for work on their bathrooms and boilers. Michael Hall quoted one price to clients but charged them a higher rate for his work and failed to provide the proper documentation to six clients in Dawlish, Teignmouth and Newton Abbot areas. He admitted six counts of fraud when he appeared at ...

I wonder if Teignbridge District Council has a gifts and hospitality policy to avoid accusations of bribery and corruption?

@Morty Vicker - not sure why you've tagged me or what your point is.  we got tickets but not via the priority tickets.

4 Apr 2016

If you are going somewhere else in the locale on those days beware that Teignbridge are making money on park and rides.  Dawlish Leisure Centre is one of them charging £11 for people to park.  Check before you travel somewhere that you will be able to park or hibernate ... @Lynne - went online as soon as it opened and was only trying for sunday.  56 minutes and then zilch.  i understand the ...

4 Apr 2016

Spent 56 minutes in a queue trying to get tickets for my kids but failing.  It's not a free event either £8.50 booking fee.  What a crock.

Perhaps he was looking for bicycle hire?

A HOMELESS Dawlish man driven by jealousy went to a woman's house and smashed a glass in her friend's face, a court has been told. Stephen Green, 33, was so drunk he could not remember how or why he attacked Julian Whittle on October 30 last year. Exeter Crown Court was told moments after the attack he was seen by the woman standing over his bleeding victim swearing and telling him to 'get ...

THIS is the moment the St Patrick's Day meteorite lit up the sky over South Devon. The amazing spectacle was captured by the camera of the Dawlish Beach website . Watch the YouTube clip at - http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Meteorite-Dawlish-St-Patrick-s-Day-watch-amazing/story-28948521-detail/story.html

From Teignmouth and Dawlish Neighbourhood Police On Monday 21st March 2016 the police office located on Brunswick Place in Dawlish will close and operations transferred to an office located within the Dawlish Fire Station. Although this office will not be open to the public it will provide officers with a base from which to work and deploy so we continue to provide a high level of service ...

I'm positive there's people who can do this.  David Force seems to be involved and I think perfectly capable, especially with the enthusiasm of the town behind him.  I think to say that people in Dawlish have little knowledge of how to organise something like this is putting down what a lot of people do and used to do in their work lives as well as involvement with other events. If the current ...

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