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Mobeen Dabigman

POLICE are appealing for the public’s help to find a man who has gone missing from Dawlish. Gary Knight, aged 52, has not been seen since leaving the Haldon Terrace area of Dawlish at around 11.30am yesterday (Sunday 12th April). Police are currently conducting a search in the town. He is believed to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt or light jumper and normally carries a black rucksack. ...

Gorse fire this afternoon top of Luscombe Hill, attended by Dawlish fire station with Teignmouth fire station Newton Abbot and Totnes. Please take care if you are walking on Haldon as it is very dry at the moment.

THE MAIN road into Dawlish from Starcross is currently blocked after a two car collision this morning which has left five elderly people injured. Police and ambulance were called 10.46am after a report of an incident involving two cars on A379 Exeter Road, near Shutterton Lane. A police spokesman said: "At the moment the road is blocked. The incident involved a Ford Focus and a Renault ...

@Dorian there's a lot online, this is the first thing comes up when i 'bing' it. http://www.itv.com/news/2015-04-07/katie-hopkins-condemned-over-digraceful-dementia-comments/

8 Apr 2015

Doesn't she live in Exeter which has labour in locally?  Perhaps she ought to move somewhere else  Can't abide this woman.  Her recent views on dementia are truly revolting.

31 Mar 2015

But who is the 'we' Michael? I can guarantee it's not Joe Public, it's the media and politicians not us. I don't hear my relative on zero hours laughing at Ed eating a bacon sandwich or gossiping about when Dave intends to step down. I don't hear my nursing cousin treating politics like a soap opera but I do hear the politicians treating me like an idiot. Very interesting programme the ...

31 Mar 2015

Of course we'd never see politicians being grubby would we?  They always speak clearly about policies so we are all clear what we are voting for.  Have you ever sat and listened to the rubbish they come out with on TV or listened to the behaviour on PMQs?  I'm sick to death of media talk, I can't get away from it listening to Politicians or at work.  'Going forward' (got I hate that phrase) ...

31 Mar 2015

Conservative General Election Campaign strategist and guru Lynton Crosby should take note – the best way to defend a key marginal seat is to take a holiday! At least, that’s the way Newton Abbot’s Anne Marie Morris is beginning her campaign. Anne Marie Morris squeezed home with a meagre 500 votes in the election of 2010. That was after spending thousands of pounds on her campaign, and ...

A BIRD expert and wildlife officer for Natural England has been ordered to pay his neighbour £5,000 in compensation after beating him up for hiding his walking boots. Ivan Lakin, 45, attacked his neighbour Ian Robinson after the prank went wrong, Exeter Crown Court was told. Lakin confronted Mr Robinson after his muddy boots went missing from his doorstep. He repeatedly punched him in the ...

IT is one of the most famous rock formations on the south coast, but the Parson and the Clerk are not what they used to be. The vicar is still with us but his secretary, I fear, is not long for this world. The headland stacks off the coast of Dawlish were so named in the 1850s when the first visitors arrived on the newly-built Great Western railway line. This early engraving shows the Clerk as ...

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