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Diana Mondeo

I can't believe anyone would believe a further line would be built remember Cameron standing on the station and telling us money is no object well folks i think he may have been telling a little porky. stephen15 if you make the wall higher what about the tunnels it,s more complicated than just adding 2or 3 ft to the wall but it could be made wider??.

The majority of the people of Dawlish 200 objections is less than 2% of the population and less than 5% filled out the questionair.  And yet 96% of the students in years 9 and 10 at DCC filled out a questionair it seem,s to me the folk of Dawlish dont give a monkeys yet the young of this town care maybe we should be asking them what we need.

I noticed when interviewed he skirted the question without making any commitment he already knows the outcome my guess he's lying and what we have we will have to put up with.

How can anyone justify spending 50b+ to cut journey times by 20 minutes when the NHS is desperate for money and folk cant get  treatment for some cancers because of cost we need to slow down a little and look at what is important.

Again yesterday cyclists x4 on the pavement on Exeter Road on the other side a cycle path when i asked why they where not on the cycle path the answer "we are not that type of cyclist" so how many types are there i asked they decided not to answer.   Now if i decided to park my car on the cycle path i would soon have a FPN for obstruction of a cycle lane come on PCSO,S lets start treating all road ...

The piece on the news i saw a few days ago revolved round security it was mentioned it would make it easy for houses to be broken into.  So one would cross the railway scale a 3 foot wall with a 4 foot fence on top or maybe just maybe walk down from Exeter Road to do the dastardly deed.  The real point is do they want security from the sea or not and at the end of the day if you dont like it move.

Its time cyclist's realised that the roadf traffic act applies to them as it does to other road users standing on jubilee bridge at the junction of Brunswick place yesterday 6 lycra clad cyclists cycled down the pavement the wrong way down a one way street then crossed red lights over to Baileys.  I did mention to the final cyclist that he shouldnt be on the pavement or cycling the wrong way down ...

The details are in the press why not here, those arrested for any offence are often named  and then found not guilty.

10 May 2014

And on a serious note folks that will be a further expense and another reason to close them.

Lock them up do the crime do the time i dont go round burning property and destroying peoples lives i would give them 20yrs and make certain they did 20 yrs its time to get tough.  We have Teachers being murdered in school a rope round his neck and i will willingly pull the handle we need discipline not mamby pandying about with these toe rags lock them up and throw away the key. Consider this we ...

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