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The fire engines and pumps are just before Woodland Avenue.

2014 Visitor Season
4 Mar 2014

Smella ???????????

4 Mar 2014

Trains will start running again on Friday 4th April so for those who have won the selfish post award not to long to wait.

3 Mar 2014

Ashtree In 1993 the Conservative goverment of the time brought in the Railway act and the Crown sold the Railways to private companies.  At the same time the 1993 Transfer Proposal Act came into play so all Crown land and track was transfered to Railtrack.  Now just to confuse your brain further all land above high water mark belongs to whoever owns the adjoining land ie Railtrack but the land ...

3 Mar 2014

School canteens, Police canteens, Iceland head office, most head office canteens have subsidised food Hospital staff as well i could go on and on how about someone who works in a local restaurant.

2 Mar 2014

Margeret Swift So cafe owners have been badly affected by what?  Is it the free food the workmen are recieving, logically it cant be that because they wouldnt normaly be here so it makes little or no difference.  Is it because there are no trains so we have to ask how many folk visit Dawlish by train in the winter.  Or is the seriously bad weather we have had since December 5th  put people of ...

2 Mar 2014

@Margaret Swift So lets say a local cafe had been asked to supply on site food the day after the storm they would have a few hours notice to supply the means to deliver this service.   NR are geared up for these events they have catering companies who where on the road ready to go in hours fully stocked to supply on demand food and drinks have you asked any catering company in Dawlish if they ...

1 Mar 2014

Is it not as simple as public safety you realy are a miserable b***r Fred

Anybody remember the fire at Stonelands

Should they not start upstream and work down if we get heavy rain  the silt above will be washed into the cleared section answers on a postcard please.

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