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son of robin
Julie May

It looks as though some investment, improvements will be made to the parks i would imagine this can only be good for Dawlish whats disgusting about that.

Sainsburys car park free every day of the year.

Me to looking forward to it

10 Oct 2013

Excellent programme very enjoyable and great for Dawlish and the Air Show.

Tried it in Hongkong about 35 yrs ago it was very good.  Dogpoo is a problem and wherever it is the owner should pick it up on the question of a dog licence all dogs should be chipped with a yearly  licence fee payable of 100 pounds

I have tried to volunteer for the past 3 years and have been told i was not needed maybe its time for someone to take charge and get folk organised.

I recently carried out a survey for a motoring organisation on how drivers approached and turned right at a junction i had to note age if they indicated, positioning, mobile use, and speed.   I conducted the survey at the Exeter road High Street junction and sampled 262 vehicles 7 where on mobiles 58 no indication 162 turned right onto the wrong side of the road.  I also found that  out of these ...

10 Jul 2013

jools88 if you look at the stats you will find its the younger drivers who cause most accidents maybe we should retest them.   The stats also show older drivers get less speeding fines less parking fines insurance premiums are lower because they are less likely to have accidents the stats speak for themselves

The start of a privatisation for the N.H.S

HS2 will save 20 minutes on journeys to Birmingham at a cost of 17.4 billon they should scrap the idea and spend the money on what we already have and improve the system track rolling stock etc.

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