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Yeah were waiting for Government to decide...theyve probably forgot Dawlish by now.

10 Oct 2014

National Rail clearly need to get on with an inland line. The sea will always be all powerful.

You know I heard the line they are wanting to build from London to the north will cut time by 18 minutes .but.will also require larger station exits to cope and that an extra 20 minutes should be allowed to access and exit the station.  So no gain at all. Dunno what people want to do with these odd minutes they save. I see Okehampton are stepping up the call with DCC for a weekday service into ...

14 Sep 2014

Well it would be great if there is a reliable line in place. Interesting that nobody commented on this ..guess little interest on railways. Seems every chance Scotland will say yes ..so that will save the treasury loads of money...so who knows we could all benefit down here in many ways. I think Scotland will be mad to say yes but hey ho guess they know best.

So National Rail faced with objections to wall improvements may well now have all they need to suggest the inland build to Government and Dawlish Parkway?

..shes so nasty.. nothing ever changes

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4 Mar 2014

Yes a safe route IS needed..  I am amazed there has been no postings saying the train is so missed (apart from Lynne). I honestly believe the only interest Dawlish has in the train service is that the track protects the town as posts prove and they just like to see the odd steam train go through as it looks good on photos..

4 Mar 2014

@ Phil ,..actually I prefer the dogs to some of their owners! lol

4 Mar 2014

Dogs should be banned on the beach and in 'towns' all year round.  Yuk! Yes the new generation is 'unbelievable'.no time for anyone or anything.

2 Mar 2014

If NR work 24 hour day through the night.  Which cafe is open in Dawlish at 3 am if they want food? It sure is a 'picky' old town. ..and you know what, if someone did open all night, how long before someone accuse them of 'capatilising'.

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