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Diana Mond
2014 Visitor Season
1 Mar 2014

This is good to watch http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=14953

Hope this link is useful ,,,showing current 'South West Trains' departures to London Waterloo and others. http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/ldbboard/dep/EXD

I said 'alternative' route, like now you can go either Salisbury or Westbury way to London. Someone on the railway told me nothing will be done unless something major happens...as you say 'could see more cliffs collapsing this year' The Torquay and Paignton line would not close as is far too populated regardless. .

10 Jan 2014

They should really consider re opening the Okehampton rail line as an alternative way to Plymouth

If he does not like it here he should go back home.

18 Nov 2013

Its disgusting certain people are here to complain

Uneducated ...brain dead!

Maybe its time to end the Dawlish Carnival once and for all ..it seems to cause people a lot of stress with finance and finding people to organise it.

You can see then that Teignmouth will get the people, all located between the beach and shops. Why Dawlish does not make more use of the Lawn I will never know, but then I have never felt they really want visitors ..but they do want their money!

The new generation dont think they will ever get old ,,,,they have a shock coming to them! Many have no thought or respect for anyone!

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