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Well you will be pleased to read this news...seems there will be no need to 'bicker' about which way the line will go around/avoid Dawlish .. Just keep the wall up! Okehampton - Plymouth line should never have closed.. http://www.okehampton-today.co.uk/news.cfm?id=14650

15 Nov 2014

The new main line has to be for fast direct and Dawlish for the branch stopping trains. There would then not be anymore delays for the stopping train and waiting at the Warren for fast traisn to pass for 5 minutes . Makes sense.

Dawlish and Torbay could really benefit in many ways if they go for it. Currently the Paignton - Exmouth local train off peak calls every hoiur at Dawlish at 50 min pass the hour. If the line was put in place a loop service could mean, say, leave Plymouth on the half hour, this would mean trains would reach Dawlish at 20 mins pass the hour, and so with the Paignton line provide a half hourly ...

6 Nov 2014

News on rail at Okehampton with Cllr John Clatworthy ...some good train pics ... http://www.dartmoor-railway-sa.org/news

Thank you I see.  Let's hope it doesn't happen all over again.

28 Oct 2014

What Plymouth has to do with Dawlish is ...it has to hope the line wont fall in the sea again for trains to get there!!! How did Plymouth get a 'full train' service when trains from Exeter could not get there?

25 Oct 2014

Tavistock is planned to link with Bere Regis and Plymouth so why not bring back Okehampton too. Easy then by rail to Tavistock and to North Corneall. Two different choices to Plymouth has to be sense. As you say higher the wall would solve it ..if it was, then all would moan because you cant see the sea now ..there's no pleasing Dawlish you know!

24 Oct 2014

I think South West Trains should take the line, I have lost count of the times FGW staff have  not collected fares, like when 50 plus standing...two carriages at 5pm this Tuesday. the revenue collected is nothing like what it should be..that has to be part the reason why they think at HQ more carriages are not needed.. There could always be Dawlish Parkway!

24 Oct 2014

It is reasonable for anyone in Plymouth and beyond to want a reliable rail service of some sort, why cant the Dawlish line remain and have an alternative in place if it all happens again..which if sea levels are getting higher surely it will, not rocket science is it...

What plan is in place if the line is forced to close again this winter?

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