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A questionable butterfly


Sophie Victoria88
Fire & Fury
2 weeks ago

Paul, let’s see if Trump does sue the author and the ‘real news’ outlets then. I bet he doesn’t! What does Burneside think that the BBC’s agenda is re. Trump? There’s so much more they could report about him that they don’t.

Parking tickets
2 weeks ago

Excellent work Plod. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can see that tickets being non-transferable is clearly stated in the TRO’s.

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the clarification.

2 weeks ago

Majorp, so how are you interpreting the term “parking place”?

2 weeks ago

In my opinion, you’re misinterpreting the term “parking place”.  The way I’ve read it is that it refers to the individual parking space not the whole car park itself. I think that covers all four of your questions...

Rail Fares
2 weeks ago

If you wanted to leave Dawlish tomorrow morning to get to Paddington for 9am, you’re not going to get any change from £259 for an Anytime Return.

3 weeks ago

I assume you’re being ironic?

Tit bits
3 weeks ago

Well said Leatash. Sadly, such real-life stories are never printed in the Daily Mail, That’s why so many people are blind to the hell that the Tories and their fat cat cronies are leading them towards. I hope your relative makes a full tecovery.

3 weeks ago

I’m glad we don’t have a system where a company like Virgin can sue the NHS for millions and then soon after be awarded yet another contract worth billions... In fact, it makes you wonder what the connection is between Richard Branson and the government elite, what with Virgin also being handed a cheque for hundreds of millions of our money to bail them out of the East Coast Rail franchise.

Happy New Year!
3 weeks ago

Great photos Ziggy. Happy New Year to you too.

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