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A questionable butterfly


Hunters Lodge

Thanks for editing your original post. To answer your question, you are therefore now correct. You’re welcome

Untaxed vehicles
23 Mar 2018

Lovely stuff!

Ornithology is the scientific study of birds. Birdwatching/twitching is a different thing altogether. You’re welcome.

Thanks for posting Ziggy! Love to see your photos - great detail.

Is it snowing? Thanks for letting us know...

Not the first storm and definitely not the last. However the level is far higher than it was pre-scheme. And, most importantly, the spit hasn’t been breached. The purpose of the scheme was a practical one rather than an aesthetic one.

12 Mar 2018

Oh I see you edited your earlier post. So my point 2 is now irrelevant, as your question was rhetorical. How about answering the other two points? In plain English rather than your usual riddles please.

12 Mar 2018

1. 2. 3.

12 Mar 2018

@majorp 1. What am I so good at please? 2. Could you please try re-typing that last sentence, so that I can answer your question. 3. You’ve missed the salient point about what the compensation that this mysterious county council (that you still won’t name) was for.

Exeter Road
12 Mar 2018

Typical work ethic in this country? Utter nonsense! And an insult to those of us (the vast majority) that work bloody hard in all weather conditions.

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