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2 weeks ago

Lynne has made some excellent observations. I would also add that the number of eating establishments in Dawlish has been unnecessarily increased by those places of worship (so-called “churches”) turning themselves into cafes. As for the alleged tourist that apparently said to majorp that the town has been ruined - well let’s be honest, it’s hardly changed during the 30 years that they’ve ...

2 weeks ago

Interesting that you use the word “Dullish”.  Sounds like a blast from the past... Bringing the Town Manager and CCTV into your rant is irrelevant. However you do have a very valid point about begging in general. It’s disgraceful that people have to beg in order to put food on their plate. This is 2017.

Parking tickets
2 weeks ago

Good grief, way to hijack an interesting thread! Why does “Burneside” waste so much energy fantasising about me, When he could put it to much more positive use?

Does anyone on here know if there have been any collisions on that short stretch since the road was modified?

Parking tickets
3 weeks ago

Stop name calling please. Im not accusing you of anything other than mixing facts with supposition. You definitely have advised people to park on double yellows and to park their cars without a ticket. It’s all here on in black and white.

3 weeks ago

To answer your first question, please read my post at 13:03 today. And then re-read it. To answer your second loaded (and once again unnecessarily rude) question, I would point to those posts on here where over the years you have advised people to park on various double yellow lines hereabouts. Or to not put a valid parking ticket on their dashboards, etc. R.I.P. Martin.

3 weeks ago

Why would that be terrific for all to see? I hope you’re not being threatening. Do you simply have a built-in dislike for people who politely question your obsession with encouraging people to break the law by parking wherever they like? No wonder you and Martin (R.I.P.) had a “misunderstanding”, if you’re so intolerant of other people’s logic.

1. The SANGS (for that is what the Countryside Park is - ask Lynne), was originally intended to be in Dawlish Warren. 2. The Countryside Park is fantastically well used. 3. More dog muck bins are being installed there. 4. I wonder if people also believe that homes take priority over wildlife?

Parking tickets
3 weeks ago

You have indeed explained in a lot of detail. Whether or not your explanation is correct or a mixture of fact and supposition on your part, remains to be seen. Thank you anyway.

What about your police pension though DEEDOODLE? Must be worth the equivalent of at least £25 an hour I’d have thought? And fully deserved it is too, might I add.

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