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Lynne, you’re confusing the sad Mondeo imposter with my good self.

Pics today 07 04 2018
1½ weeks ago

Completely agree with the sentiments expressed in both posts above. Sad news about our beloved swans - what is the matter with people who think that letting their dogs run riot is acceptable??

and @burneside , the people who bulk buy from tax-dodgers amazon are the same people who are responsible for the death of the high street. @leatash , my evidence is anecdotal.

@DEEDOODLE . that was a barbed comment! no, it’s not a disgrace at all. just sad that these trees have this virus that’ll see their eventual demise. you’re clearly not an arborist...

It’s no coincidence that those who care so little for the future of our planet for future generations, are the ones who also voted Brexit without a thought for the negative impact on future generations. Selfish and self-absorbed. Ironically though, they’re the ones that look back through rose-tinted glasses at the “good old days”. When they had to pay a refundable deposit for glass bottle ...

Deedoodle/purrrrrfect/etc was referring to me, “with prejudice” it would seem. He doesn’t like the fact that I don’t agree with his many repetitive posts on here. He also claimed to be an ex-policeman, which has been exposed as being a lie.

3 weeks ago

That’s why I asked the unanswered question.

3 weeks ago

When were these photos taken?

Calamari has clearly misread majorp’s comment. Yes, I’m sticking up for you majorp!!

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