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Sophie Victoria88
Parking tickets
1½ weeks ago

Plod, great effort on your part, but I fear it’ll be dismissed as “nonsense” because the riddle he was posing was no doubt different to the one you’ve provided definitive answers for. Do keep up!  No wonder so many councils etc get ground into submission by his relentless tongue-twisted crusades!

Pics 14 01 2018
1½ weeks ago


1½ weeks ago

Please stop being so aggressive. Potato and milk quotas have already been covered in a previous thread.

1½ weeks ago

The topics about food, plastic and M&S are all connected by one common denominator - cost. People expect to pay next to nothing for food and therefore they get what they deserve. Poorer quality food, excessive packaging and imported indigenous foodstuff. There’s more than enough farmland in Britain for us to be self-sufficient for generations to come, sadly too many people either ...


1½ weeks ago

I do my recycling at home thanks Leatash. I always take my own carrier bags whenever food (or other) shopping, and never use those little plastic bags when buying loose fruit or veg. Some people still moan at having to pay for single use carrier bags, that’s something I can’t get my head around. Just take your own reusable bags!

1½ weeks ago

And it’s the poor person working on the till who faces the brunt of people’s ire.

Tit bits
2 weeks ago

Hi majorp, I thought that readers would like to see the whole story. I’m sorry that you think that’s not allowed on here. One sentence was missed off the end of the article you pasted from: “This data also covers personal devices used when logged on to Parliament's guest Wi-Fi.”

2 weeks ago

Here’s the rest of the article that you pasted from: However, parliamentary authorities say most of the attempts are not intentional. The figure for the majority of 2017 is also a notable decrease on recent years, with 113,208 attempts blocked by parliament's filtering system in 2016 – down from 213,020 in 2015. A Parliamentary spokesman said: "All pornographic websites are ...

Fire & Fury
2 weeks ago

Paul, let’s see if Trump does sue the author and the ‘real news’ outlets then. I bet he doesn’t! What does Burneside think that the BBC’s agenda is re. Trump? There’s so much more they could report about him that they don’t.

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