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Diana Mond

So you received answers to questions that you already knew the answers to? Seems like a waste of time in that case.

How long ago did you make the request?

"I've got 99 problems..."

4 days ago

She's not addressing the concerns of the few, if she was she would be in actual direct dialogue with the District Council. This is, yet again, all about getting her name in the papers. You yourself have entered into dialogue with councillors, albeit through the medium of the letters page of the Dawlish Gazette. I trust that you're satisfied with the robust response you received.

5 days ago

Politics by petition seems to be this pseudo-independent "politicians" way of doing business.  She's clearly one of those here on who completely misunderstands the wording of the results of the consultation, and seeing as she was elected by little more than 20% of the Dawlish Central electorate, she's hardly in a position to talk about mandate. She has also implied that the ...

North Korea
5 days ago

Copied this from the Evening Standard: Foreign aid projects in North Korea include English lessons and workshops, as well as equipment and training for physiotherapy units. A Foreign Office spokesman told the Standard: “The projects we carry out in North Korea are part of our policy of critical engagement, and are used to promote British values and demonstrate to the North Korean people ...

Parking tickets
6 days ago

Excuse me majorp, but I hope that you're not getting as aggressive with me as you were with Leatash. I answered the question that you posed, however it seems that you didn't understand your own question. Which I think sums up this whole debate, to be honest with you. With regards to your subsequent questions, I don't know why it's written into the TRO (which it clearly is), but can only ...

6 days ago

To make it clear to the person buying the ticket that if they do hand over their ticket, then the person receiving it will have breached the DCC traffic regulations order. Obviously it also makes the person receiving the ticket aware of this fact.

Just to let you all know that I've had an email back from Devon County Council confirming that Dawlish Bridleway 3 has been cleared of overgrowth and upgrowth vegetation.  Great service by the people concerned.

Parking tickets
1 week ago

You can't see it. I can see it. The law can see it. It's probably best to leave it at that.

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