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From the RTRA 1984 if it appears to the local authority that the provision in their area of further off-street parking accommodation is unnecessary or undesirable, the following purposes— (i) meeting costs incurred, whether by the local authority or by some other person, in the provision or operation of, or of facilities for, public passenger transport services, (ii) the ...

Symphathy for the little boy, another example of complaining after the event which is quite normal these days for most things. I have seen a car parked on the road (legite) where the pavement is very narrow. The car owner got something from the passengers seat, left the door open and went into a house close by without any consideration for those who use the pavement. No one could get past and when ...

In an article that Lynne kindly posted elsewhere about parking charges to rise for parking at Dawlish Warren, it is reported at one place this " The urgent report was the first time that many of Teignbridge councillors had even heard of planned changes to parking at Dawlish Warren, says Cllr Alan Connett." Well fancy that!!!! Shows that the civil servants think they are in charge. Well they ...

1 Nov 2017

i do not think @Calamari understands politics that well (not that i do either).but i would say this, you need to watch past episodes of "yes primeminister". and you will quickly learn that it is the top civil servants that are in charge no matter what party holds the majority and think they are in control. you talk to a politian face to face (members of la's are also classed as politicians) and ...

30 Oct 2017

So who are all of those MP's I saw today in the house showing solidarity too by not wearing a poppy? Everyone has their political views/opinions/etc. Remember there are some who are banned from wearing poppies - ask FIFA about it.

30 Oct 2017

And to question 5. Whilst watching parts of the harrasment debate in parliament this afternoon, I scanned around both sides of the house and noticed there were a great many MP's not wearing a poppy. So what would be significant if JC didn't wear one?

30 Oct 2017

Question 3 applies to all policians. Does anyone remember the interview between Jeremy Paxman and Lord Howard 20 yrs ago? They will all duck and dive if the questin is too embarasing to answer.

I don't suppose any of the councillors thought about obtaning a mental health report on this person before they granted the go ahead. Like the "TheObserver" has said, "will he go after the right one?"

Low life like that deserve more than that.

And there's no such thing as Diana Mond, is there. Or have I been misinformed?

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