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@Lynne , exactly molly scott-cato and caroline lucas are career politicians and very good ones in my opinion, who stand for a very worthy cause. I don't believe the term 'career politician is necessarily derogatory. It depends on many facors. I've already made my opinion known on what the term 'career politician' means. I've asked you the same question twice now. If you don't ...

31 May 2017

@Lynne "You were the one who asked "What does he know about North and West Devon and the people who live there anyway?". Well you could say much the same for any candidate of any party who stands in a constituency some miles from where they live." Of course I could - but why would I? Referring to Cllr Wrigley is wholly relevant to this town and thius constituency. ...

31 May 2017

@Lynne you brought molly scott-cato into this not me. you went looking for information about her on a thread that relates to newton abbot and torridge and west devon Lib Dems and cllr wrigley. Molly Scott-Cato and Caroline Lucas have learnt their trade over three decades, joining the Green party in 1988 and 1986 respectively, Since 2014 M. Wrigley has campaigned to; Form a ...

31 May 2017

Molly Scott-Cato also stood in Presili Pembs in 1997 and 2005, she went to Aberystwyth University - so she has lived in Dyfed. Aber uni and CAT both have strong links with eco/sustainability projects all over Wales. Pembrokeshire Council, Stroud Council and Bristol West all have vibrant eco-movements/communities which Scott-Cato has been a part of for many years, from low impact living in ...

Got the Lib Dem flyer for the General Election; Isn't that Independent Councillor Alison Foden photographed standing behind Maria Chadwick and holding the famous Lib Dem yellow diamond?

I'm aware of Cllr Ford and Barnsely Central. Imagine someone from Trusham where house prices are on average £500-600K representing the centre of Barnsley? It's farcical. I would love to hear a southerner waxing lyrical about Barnsley's people, the issues the town faces and how committed they are to passionately representing them in Westminster. And what if she couldn't understand the ...

@leatash , so you wouldv'e seen it in the early days, we had the 40th anniversay in 2014. i was up there last month, yes it could look better, the shabby comment is made often by folk. the visitor/tourist side needs investment, recently more money has gone into the graduate school for the environment (gse) at the top end, you might have e used the cafe there and seen the rammed earth lecture ...

My comments concerning Cllr Wrigley elsewhere on this site relate to his politics, even if I disliked the guy, I've not written anything untrue or personally insulting. But as you've brought me into this @Lynne then yes I would be critical (if that's what you mean by 'flack') of any local coucillor acting in the same way as the then deputy mayor. The election campaign would only last 1 ...

Someone else recommended that book to me a while ago as well - Looks like a good read. I'll add it to books to read list. And yes, fiction could become reality... Atwood's an environmental campaigner too. Her show on 6 Music's Paperback Writers series was good; about the music that influences/inspires her throughout her life, but unfortunately it's no longer available on iPlayer.

The Town Council's Register of Interests. Independent Councillor's Tamlyn, Almond and Lowther aren't members of a political party or organization. Whereas Independent Councillor Foden has declared that she is a member ...

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