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Likewise @HuwMatthews2 .

3 weeks ago

Politicians stand out as a psychologically fascinating grouping of human beings.

3 weeks ago

@roberta politicians putting on their public personas? one might have been confident, the other with delusions of grandeur perhaps? That was yesterday.

Clatworthy wins it
3 weeks ago

The Lib Dems in 2009 had 969 votes to the Tories 2236. In 2013 it nose-dived to 294 probably because of their subservience in the coalition. 1479 was still well short of Clatworthy's total. It was a n improvement but it's now an irrelevance, it'll be forgotten. For all the Lib Dems talk and confidence prior to yesterday it'll be forgotten news. The Lib Dems pose no real threat to Tory ...

@From The Grave , yes it's telling how the dawlish mayor election thread was revived today. it's touching really how dedicated a spin doctor can be to their superior. Did anyone actually envisage a coronation! Laughable. Regarding the DCC election, Wrigley's failure was hardly unexpected. So nothing changes. Wrigley remains divisive and Clatworthy allegedly won't attend Dawlish ...

Clatworthy wins it
3 weeks ago

The Tory Councllors in County Hall were all congratulating themselves, Clatworthy looked please. They were getting stuck into canapes and drinks provided at the taxpayers expense. It was quite a buffet laid on - it really takes the piss. Cllr Connett tried to put on a brave face for the Lib Dems, despite retaining his own seat. Why Richard Younger-Ross is standing in the ...

@Margaret Swift . I wanted to know which independent councillors represented what kind of politics - as 'independent' is an ambiguous term. Does it mean left, right or centre? What are their principles and values, what contribution have they made to their community before or prior to being elected. What is their job or previous career and how is that relevant? etc. What are their views ...

3 weeks ago

If you voted Independent and on that Independent platform that candidate won office would you expect them to function and behave as an Independent Councillor? What if a year into office that candidate became a member of a party that you voted against in the election? What if a year into office they now believe in the principles and values of the party you oppose. Would you feel cheated? ...

thank you @leatash , guessing you didn't tell him to put it in recycling did you?

Empty promises mainly and UKIP was what you'd expect, hardly worth going but I thought the Labour candidate did well, even though I'm not sure where she sits on the Corbynite/Blairite spectrum. Still she's the best of a bad bunch for me. But I would write that wouldn't I.

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