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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
4 Dec 2016

You lot should be f***ing ashamed!!!  Shit happens to people, how would you feel if it was your own kin? Would you tell them to pull themselves together? The words of the infinitely un-empathic idiots who see the world only from their own little worlds!

4 Dec 2016

There but for the grace of God go I But in our selfish right wing world, having empathy and caring for others is deemed bad. What a world we live in :(

So when you say it's ok not to be pc do you actually mean it's ok to be a misogynistic bigoted racist homophobe? If so then I guess you're right, he's yer man

22 Jul 2016

Oh my word, are you for real Paul? Trump is constantly contradicting himself. He is a sociopath who was born with a fair number of silver spoons in his mouth

I thought it was caused by an electrical fault

21 Jul 2016

What the f*ck is your problem "burny", does the words pot, kettle, black ring any bells. A simple question and you steam in like a ....errr.....cockwomble?  I think you're just sore after being called up for supporting a self-confessed racist

Corbyn or Eagle
19 Jul 2016

Eagle has dropped out... quel suprise, who could have forseen that? lol Lets face it, we're all doooooomed if we get a PM who actually puts compassion and unity above profit and corporate tax dodging masters

lol seriously, some of you need to have a word with yourselves. In 1988 I was on a bus in Vancouver and closed my eyes and all I could hear was Chinese. Apart from the fact that I thought it was pretty cool, we were going through Chinatown. OMG!! they are taking over Canada!!! But they didn't, did they? No because that's how things work, which is why my brother lives in an expat rich part of ...

Corbyn or Eagle
11 Jul 2016

Of course there are millions of voters but if for every person that joined, there are a few thinking they must get round to it and few more that wont go as far as spending money and joining but will vote Labour, the numbers can start adding up. The media is losing power to social media and more people are realising the media is woefully biased. Now is the time the labour traitors should be ...

11 Jul 2016

The left has be disenfranchised for years and have stopped voting but that is changing as more and more people are seeing Corbyns honesty and true desire to make society more equal. The media and Blairites try to convince everyone that most of the latest 100, 000 people to join will be joining to vote against Corbyn but that just simply isn't true. The vast majority of the 350, 000 people that ...

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