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Corbyn or Eagle
11 Jul 2016

Of course there are millions of voters but if for every person that joined, there are a few thinking they must get round to it and few more that wont go as far as spending money and joining but will vote Labour, the numbers can start adding up. The media is losing power to social media and more people are realising the media is woefully biased. Now is the time the labour traitors should be ...

11 Jul 2016

The left has be disenfranchised for years and have stopped voting but that is changing as more and more people are seeing Corbyns honesty and true desire to make society more equal. The media and Blairites try to convince everyone that most of the latest 100, 000 people to join will be joining to vote against Corbyn but that just simply isn't true. The vast majority of the 350, 000 people that ...

11 Jul 2016

Holy moly, do we want a credible left wing party or Tory with a smidgen less blue? Angela Eagle came across as a total ****wit  in her interview on Sunday. With the Tories going further to the right every day we neeb someone like Corbyn who really cares about people (hence why he wont stand down) to drag them by the scruff of their necks back to a fairer society and a much more caring society. ...

To be fair, it is the single most destructive thing that has happened to the UK in my lifetime... except maybe Thatcher

Freedom of Speech
6 Jul 2016

What happens when opinion and expression incites the masses to hate and/ or harm a minority?

Personally speaking, I'm finding the information supplied and the following discussions from Lynne, S, MV and Gary Taylor very interesting. However if I found them boring I simply wouldn't bother to read them. As those annoying rodent things would say... simples! lol

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