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Actually Clive, that waiting period at DW pays off sometimes. I frequently travel to London leaving Dawlish on the 07.30 CrossCountry Paignton to Manchester service. However, that particular service is often cancelled. As soon as I get up I check to see if it is running, when I find it has been cancelled I contact the taxi service and have them pick me up 10 minutes earlier so I can get the ...

15 Nov 2014

Let's face it folks, none of us are experts and that includes you Michael. You say the line would be used for a few days a year, it would have been used for two months this year! But actually I am being a bit more imaginative than that. The Exeter to NA avoiding line would, in my mind, be the equivalent of a branch line so not needing the expense of building a high speed line. Sorry Clive! With ...

15 Nov 2014

What I think would be a good solution Michael is to keep our line as the main route into Cornwall but to have an avoiding line between Exeter and Newton Abbot for the occasions the main route is inaccessible.

15 Nov 2014

I can honestly say Michael that before the refurbishment of Reading station started there were very few delays between London and Exeter. Over the last 12 months delays have occurred on occasions between London and Reading due to the on - going work, but once the refurbishment is completed and there is greater capacity through the station then the normal excellent service will resume. In deed, in ...

15 Nov 2014

@Michael Clayson, I would be careful what you wish for re statistics, you may be very surprised at the answers. As someone who regularly travels on the train, London, twice to Bristol, Taunton, Cheltenham Spa and Exeter, all in the last 10 working days, I can say that services beyond Exeter towards Plymouth and Cornwall  leave a lot to be desired. We truly are the Cinderella service in the ...

14 Nov 2014

Like Clive, I use the train to travel to London nearly every week and know how we lag behind in terms of investment; he really does make valid points. We need serious investment in SW transport and intelligent solutions. To pretend we can keep things as they are is a nonsense and an insular view. Investment both in strengthening the sea defences and in a viable alternative line for the occasions ...

Absolutely agree Lynne. It gets even sillier though when you realise that Virgin Trains were already running trains down here and then commissioned the Virgin Voyagers for a number of routes including our line but didn't take into consideration the weather element when designing the rolling stock. It then cost them millions of pounds to do the modifications, which now appear to be failing! You ...

10 Oct 2014

When the Voyager trains first started on this line, a few years ago now, it became clear very quickly that there was a problem when hit by waves. Virgin trains, who used the fleet at the time, made alterations and this seemed to resolve the issue as there have been very few incidents in recent years. It sounds like whatever was done to resolve the problem is no longer effective and more work is ...

I don't have a mob, unless of course you are referring to my fellow Councillors.

15 Sep 2014

@Likeablerat , correction, I was not at the forefront of objectors but I am proud to say I was at the forefront of ensuring the people of Dawlish were aware of what was being proposed for the development of the lawn, and for that I make no apologies. My interference, which has angered some councillors, ensured that the public consultation took place at the end of June instead of the end of May. ...

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