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Thanks BEE9, appreciate your good wishes. And, agree with your post. I have repeated my mantra for the last 35 years, until health and education are removed from political control they will never improve.

New Play Park
9 Jul 2016

This was mentioned when they wanted to build the monstrous armadillo on the lawn. Some research was done but I don't know if anyone actually found anything out. I will email a couple of people and post here if I find anything out.

@Daverc , the consultant my hubby needs to see wasn't available yesterday afternoon as he was doing private work at mount stuart. his secretary did offer to get me the prices for my husbands injections should we wish to go privately and said we had the choice of having it done at torbay or mount stuart! she did point out that we would still have to wait though, the whole of two to three weeks, ...

8 Jul 2016

What I have learned over the last few weeks is that if you are admitted to hospital as an emergency then you get treated rapidly and the care is excellent. However, if you have a chronic condition then you will probably die before you get an appointment with a consultant! Hubby just been told he will get an appointment to see a consultant in November, even though they know the severity of his ...

No Lynne, I just read that really interesting bit of a monumentally boring thread!

8 Jul 2016

@Lynne , no, it is still beyond boring.

7 Jul 2016

Wonderful post from John Palmer.

New Play Park
6 Jul 2016

Sadly not Gary, my hubby although home from hospital needs looking after. Good luck though in the meeting.

Well I knew you would pipe up as you just cannot help yourself. I will happily be rude to you as you are the vilest poster on this forum. Get back in your box.

6 Jul 2016

No need to be so rude Lynne.

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