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Won't be anybody left.

today at 10:23

This is already going down hill, before it starts. What a hoot!

1½ weeks ago

In a turbulent world, how reassuring it is to see that things carry on as normal on Dawlish.com. in the meantime, perhaps all immigrants could adopt the philosophy of ,"When in Rome".

Barton Car Park
2 weeks ago

I thought this thread was about a car park?  It, like most threads , it has been highjacked. Perhaps there should be a separate site,  Dawlish/ brexit .com, so the usual suspects can argue among themselves. I have Trump's personal assurance that blue suede shoes will be tariff free after Brexit.

That's what people must say that stumble upon this site.

I remember them, I was so hungry I ate mine.

FOLOLA ,work it out.

@webmaster . don't you think it's time to move on to part three of this gripping saga ? before my scrolling finger seizes up.

I never said I did or didn't attend, but generally, dead rock and roll stars have mobility problems.

11 Jun 2018

Well I'm not the one that feels the need to question an honorable organisation's motives