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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mond
Carnival 2014
8 Jun 2014

Dawlish Carnival, I can't help but to assume that the money the Council give them will go to either the float, or atleast the majority of the float, as that is all they really are interested in or that it will go to thier own pockets. I sincerely hope that the Council keeps close account on everything and really does question every expenditure possible. And of course challenge anything that ...

Maybe due it size we could open up the centre and use it as the new pavillion on the lawn. I'm sure people would come from all over the world to wait for her to open.

@Lindapetherick - i don't think @Merlin228 worded his post correctly. what it should have read is "according a rumour" i entiely agree with @Lindapetherick , it would be lovely if @Merlin228 would be kind enough to state who wrote such report, where it come from and prove its authenticity to the board!?

Again I'm not here for laundry airing and there was more of it in your post at one minute past 10. Surely our councillors, differences apart should be working together with one another and not agaisnt! Seems like every takes everything to heart and too seriously to me. I mean for goodness sake, all Councillors, yourself included seem to be doing an amazing job for this town, in fact in the ...

24 May 2014

@Mcjrpc & @Lynne not saying i don't disagree with either of you, because i do. still it's different to have passion and care for others and thier opinions then to introduce sniggers in your comments to items that put down others. not needed and no called for. I was asked to point out what I felt was Dirty Laundry by the person I felt was pushing it too much and I have. On course what I ...

24 May 2014

"It is not for Councillors to indulge their whims and decide what is best for Dawlish". = Airing Dirty Laundry "I am a truly independent Councillor. I had to resign from Voices for Dawlish because some in that group did not like my independent thinking and my independent views being voiced and they still don't! I don't need or want to garner support I simply speak my mind". = Airing Dirty ...

24 May 2014

@Margaret Swift - well i'm sorry but it is certainly they way it's coming over, airing of dirty laundry is something i'm not in favour of as a person. from what i read it's not exactly not "hunky dory". i know a lot of people who love the idea, and i know some that don't, i know others who wish to find a happy medium. it's not right and it's not wrong, its personal preference. something we should ...

22 May 2014

the small line concerns me the the most there @Margaret Swift , whether people or fellow councillors agree with your "independant thinking" or not, this nor public is the place to display dirty laundry. However I am inclined to believe that it does look like a giant woodlouse. However it by a large margin better than we have at the moment, however I do not like it's size and it's ...

21 May 2014

@leatash To some extend you are right, but you are so right you have forgotten something that is just as important. In this time some things are already established, well established such as the Air Show. If you replace the lawn and reduce it's size by including the likes of a play park within in it then companies and hard workers such as the Air Show, British Legion and Party In The Park are ...

21 May 2014

From what I read, many are in favour of seeing the old Bandstand go and something new in it's situ, does it have to be so big, does it have to have an arts description inside, toliets etc, I don't think it really does. What I do think is that those working on this are doing an extemely hard job and they are not going to please everyone, they might not even please this generation but they might ...

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