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Diana Mondeo

@Andrew - funny enough i just looked at that photo just after i sent my last message. i guess you must be right, and hit the nail is what i'd say you've done. its surely no difference with a police officer for example, he would be required to take his uniform of when not at work? perhaps cllr wrigley is always at work, great if he is, but surely he needs to earn a keep outside of council life.

7 Jun 2017

out of interest what policitcal party, if your happy to disclose, do you actually support yourself @Lynne ?

7 Jun 2017

@Andrew - well who knows, might as well be, seems to know plenty about the councillors, and seems to address them very happily as friends. we shall never know that truth.

7 Jun 2017

I tend to quite agree, other than in the past many Mayors will take thier chains of until at a location of interest, whereas Cllr Wrigley tends to wear it in elegance and style wherever he goes. :D

7 Jun 2017

that was my thinking exactly @Andrew - we know he is not likely to vote for anne-marine morris, why does he feel the need to air this fact. and i further agree with you @Andrew that councillor @Lynne seems to be very much a good freind with the mayor, unless of course they both sit on the same council?

7 Jun 2017

Forget I said anything Councillor Lynne. Not in the spirit to argue or defend a matter of having an opinion.

7 Jun 2017

I'm suggesting that as a Human, As the Mayor of Dawlish, as a Councillor, that if he worked along side Ms Morris, rather than show a well displayed disgust attitude towards her, maybe the world could be a little bit of a better place. Is it not Lynne, that if I was an independant and my work colleague was a Conservative that we should both sit in different rooms and not talk to each other?

7 Jun 2017

Well I'm not going to answer for Ms Morris, she chooses not to respond to emails, possibly very wise. However let's look at Mr Wrigleys reply. And pay attention to the following line "I would like to point out that I do not support Mrs Morris" Well as the Mayor of Dawlish, as a Councillor, perhaps if you supported those you work with things would be much better in our world. ...

5 Jun 2017

Well let's hear thier responses then? There are many Councillors who at one stage believed in one party and soon changed in order to grab a seat. Dawlish has been renowed for this over the years. However what is shocking to the point, that if one chooses not give a clear explanation, or even an honest one. Where do we stand in terms of being honest, open and reliable?

Gary Taylor
12 May 2017

@webmaster , i don't think by any means you over stepped a mark, more so that mixed messages were apparene tand clarity lost. we afterall only human and we can't all live our days rightfully all the time.

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