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Julie May
Cheryl Barthorpe
Angie W
12 Mar 2014

Funding: I was not born yesterday, though on these message boards we seem to have to much rudeness, circling of situations and people who are very obviously getting a kick from being spiteful and enjoy telling us how someone has upset them. In recent times can we all just take a step back, breath, enjoy this town that we choose to live in and look at what is currently being done to improve the ...

@Kaz i can see it pretty much from the view of my house, and have walked the kids and dogs many of times in the evening when cars have gone down there, purpose unknown, harm done no, my buisness to go and have a look no. unless someone has observantly done something wrong then it's not for me to phone the police, and of course i did not wish to go and "investigate" myself, as @jools88 said, ...

19 Sep 2013

well since it's on my doorstep, i don't see it as a problem at all. it is not really a turning place at all and if that's what it's being used for i have yet to see someone using it for that purpose. your correct @Kaz with what devon highways will state that it is not an adopted highway, from time to time when they retarmac roads the contracters will do the odd patches and strecthes out of ...

Right well, we don't have much longer on this and I'm surprised we don't have more people sharing their ideas here which is a great shame, however I have had a few more ideas so below I have made a list of them all, along with all the suggestions above. 1. An Orientation "Oblisk" at Sandy Lane would be a spectacular landscape, architech and display. 2. More dog bins, the new lane between ...

12 Sep 2013

Well the following I think are worthy projects, admittidly a few of these are going to be costing more than £25,000 alone but this is Dawlish we are talking about and I feel the following would flourish Dawlish in such a big way that it would be amazing. 1. An Orientation "Oblisk" at Sandy Lane would be a spectacular landscape, architech and display. 2. More dog bins, the new lane ...

Pram Race
16 Aug 2013

I know a few more things here, and what happened to Mr Farley and the cause of that picture was down to "Family" politics. So firstly it was going to happen and secondly it was done by people he "Should" know very well. What I do not and fail to understand is that the Raft Race, Pram Race and It's a Knockout has been about 50% The Event and 50% Water Bombs, Egg's and Flower. People going to watch ...

Carnival politics
16 Aug 2013

@Don and mary unfortuntley i am a working man and can not spend a great deal of hours on here, so did not qo quiet for a reason. feel free to message me the person name and contact details and i would be only to happy to deal with it or pass him onto someone i know who used to run the carnivals site. I'm being out of line here and well it's personal opinion but Dave Farley is the only one ...

15 Aug 2013

WEBSITE - Yes it used to be run by the Director of the Carnival Committee, and before they became a CIC it was run by a couple of Committee Members, the Carnival have always paid for there hosting. The previous Director used a template so there would not have been coding and designing involved, just hosting and running. Whereas when the Carnival had a Committee the site was designed and ...

15 Aug 2013

@User 4549 yes im very aware that they took the carnival float to bristol for their wedding WHICH WAS at the expense of the DAWLISH people who donate to the carnival. The Minister is related to Mr Farley, opened the Carnival that year and they also made the theme Weddings. Which was basically all about them, and I believe to be spiteful and hurtful to people they know. @Don and mary ...

14 Aug 2013

Right time for an update because so much is happening all over the place I'm begining to loose track of what is occouring. Lack Of Support - So people and the Carnival say they don't get enough support? BUT they are offered support by townfolks and councillors all year around and actualy turned away and told that they are not wanted and their input would not be apprechiated or ...

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