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@Lynne - well considering we have both sat upon the town council is that not enough? i never knew in all my years that you had to have city & guilds, nvq's and a degree to represent your town as @ER113 somehow thinks you do need.

Taken it too. But what a load of rubbish. It even can't help itself but to contine to mention Newton Abbot everywhere within in it. Oh well. Did my bit.

@Margaret Swift i couldn't agree more with your views, shall we form a new working party?

23 Aug 2017

@webmaster , certainly didn't come across that way, now if you're dawlish born and bred, or even from the town, you'll know like me the town is built on the bickering foundation trust. no one will win there i'm afraid. but my points and observation still stands, more so this is a thread about the carnival week just gone, not much about it yet....

23 Aug 2017

oh my not only has this thread gone way from the topic that it was created for, we find that the @webmaster is joining in on the bickering path, let's not encourage it and get involved in it mr webmaster. may i suggest, if you are a dawlish person and care for the town that are within, why not create your own user account, rather than posting the likes of such under the webmaster title. to ...

@ER113 - yes they were elected, but that does not automatically assign them to having any qualification to be able to fulfil thier role. most expereinced councillors, sitting long term, look to the town clerk for answers, leglisation, regulations and guidance. most councillors on the dawlish town council, only hold expereince and interest, not an actual regulated qualification. now if you want to ...

22 Aug 2017

It was very good, a good week overall, growing from strenght to strenght. Well done to all those involved.

It is currently with someone as far as I know, ask the Town Clerk if they can provide some information on the situation there, or alternatively ask out the Warren if anyone knows.

14 Aug 2017

If that what has come from the Town Centre manager I'd like to hear what she thinks from herself, because thats unacceptable to say that if it is the case. Police being seen and visable is a bonus, and at the end of the day, drunken behaviour, whether toruist season or not, when it becomes rude, unacceptable and uncalled for, then it's unwanted in Dawlish, or any town for that matter. So ...

New golf course.
7 Aug 2017

That is quite shocking, why do people feel the need to be so stupid. I mean on the beach, you wouldn't kick a ball about if it was too busy and you certainly wouldn't play cricket in a crowded area, so what sense of common decency is it to even consider playing golf on the Lawn. We need better watch system in place thats for sure.

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