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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
16 Oct 2017

The Council have continued to try and have more seating along the wall, and each time Network Rail and have turned it away, even when the Council have offered to pay for and maintain it.

Can we be clear on the whole situation, who will benefit and who in someway or another will be affected by the proprosal going ahead, here are my views, being realistic: For: Children will have a larger area to play within, well under 10's anyway. Adults will have a "safe" place to take thier children to play. Agaisnt: I don't personaly feel it will boost trade in the town ...

Who is the ex-councillor? and of course everyones allowed an opinion, I'm agaisnt it, not a crime I hope. Like I've said multiple times, I'm not entirely agaisnt it on the whole, but I'm agaisnt where they propose to put it.

I think that most people who are agaisnt the playpark, myself included in those agaisnt, are not wholeheartdely agaisnt having one, they are more agaisnt where it is proposed to go, the down effect it will have and the accuracy of the information we have all been provided with in the first place. It will no way near be a match to that of Teignmouth. I don't believe that the number of those Dawlish ...

There is indeed an application in, but they also want to add a Cafe to it! Why! Does Dawlish not have enough Cafes, we could be a Charity Shop there aswell.

Maybe Mr Dale has, but outside his home, and with private vehicles, highly unlikely on that one. It's dangerous, you can not see what or who is behind it.

what makes everyone think that a playpark will boost the trade in the town, as @Margaret Swift quite rightfully as said, your not going to leave the children unattened and go for your weekly shop now are you! it makes no sense that shop keepers feel that a playpark will increase thier income. what about the sheer amount of anti-social behaviour that goes with playparks, drunks at night, the ...

Sorry if I'm wrong, but Mr Dale and other contractors are always parked on the pavements along Exeter Road, it's completely unacceptable.

Black swan
4 Oct 2017

Very suspicious and nothing can or will be done about it either, that's the sad thing.

Is the Town Centre manager a need post any more? Has it outlived it's stay. Tracey has done much for the town, but between the traders, the organisers and the Town Council, do we really need this post anymore?

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