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Worth looking beyond the headlines for the facts on this story...

This from the article regarding data: The Exeter commuter and access map shows two sets of analysis; drive time catchments depicted by five-minute interval zones and commuter inflows into Exeter which are depicted by 3D extruded bars. Barton Willmore analysed commuter flow data derived from the 2011 census origin-destination tables for the built-up-area boundary of Exeter. The ...

12 Jan 2017

Striking new '3D postcode' map revealed today showing where commuters to Exeter live. www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/new-map-reveals-where-exeter-commuters-come-from/story-30048914-detail/story.html Perhaps Stagecoach would wish to take a closer look?

I see the spirit of goodwill is alive and well in the Bassett virtual household this Christmas! The principle of building at the Little Leigh site is not at issue, Fred. 35 homes are allocated in the local plan for Holcombe, the question is why the developer would wish to shoot themselves in the foot and upset almost the entire village by presenting plans this poor (it was likened to the ...

Dawlish SANGS (16/02485/MAJ) is an agenda item at this Thursday's DTC Planning Committee Meeting at The Manor House. A snap-shot of the proposals showing the various access points, paths and planting (an extract from the D&AS above) can be viewed below: http://docimages.teignbridge.gov.uk/Planning/StreamDocPage/obj.pdf?DocNo=3894840&PDF=true&content=obj.pdf

Looking at the aerial map the T&H Express have provided Lynne, the entrance would appear to be around a hundred yards past Orchard Lane (heading south) close to the Dawlish boundary sign. Leaving aside the question about whether compulsory purchase should ever have been considered in pursuit of delivery of the Teignbridge plan for a SANGS 'coastal park' ' at Warren Farm, this new site to ...

Including the £436,800 already paid by Redrow towards "... the Dawlish Coastal Park or other area of SANGS determined by [Teignbridge] Council which is to mitigate the recreational impacts of development in the locality..." the total that will continue to come forward from developers will amount to somewhere in the region of £2,000,000 in S106 'SANGS Acquisition and Captital Contributions'. ...

14 Aug 2016

The cost of this U-turn by Teignbridge is likely to come out of the public purse, BEE9 - however the money for the land, new planting, landscaping and ongoing maintenance will come from 'S106' developer contributions, imposed as a condition for building houses close to the environmentally sensitive Exe estuary and Dawlish Warren beaches.

Liam Hill of Britain Stronger in Europe said "Our volunteers made their way to Starcross on both the Saturday and Sunday of Radio 1's Big Weekend to speak to voters about the importance of registering to vote and of voting Remain. "We were enthused by the large numbers of people who said they were already registered and understood the significance of the choice facing the country." ...

So these are the various scenarios considered for the delivery of the link road - followed by the officer recommendation that the TDC Planning Committee voted for yesterday: Option1: PHASED ACCESS FROM NORTH ONLY: TDC could seek to use the Development Framework Plan (DFP) to phase development from Sainsbury’s roundabout, preventing road access from the south before full provision of a ...

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