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Pete B
Dawlish News
Dawlish News
31 Dec 2016 15:55

Alison Foden, who works at the RD&E Hospital, has used the Hop 2 service daily for 13 years.

The service, which goes from Newton Abbot, through Teignmouth and Dawlish, into Exeter, runs three times an hour at peak times.

Read more...http://www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/exeter-nurse-campaigns-to-reverse-stagecoach-bus-service-cuts/story-30021834-detail/story.html#1l2kmG6xyCG5v1j7.99


Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
12 Jan 2017 13:47

Striking new '3D postcode' map revealed today showing where commuters to Exeter live.




Perhaps Stagecoach would wish to take a closer look?

12 Jan 2017 14:47

Any info on what form of transport (private or public) these commuters use?  

Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
12 Jan 2017 18:48

This from the article regarding data:


The Exeter commuter and access map shows two sets of analysis; drive time catchments depicted by five-minute interval zones and commuter inflows into Exeter which are depicted by 3D extruded bars.

Barton Willmore analysed commuter flow data derived from the 2011 census origin-destination tables for the built-up-area boundary of Exeter.

The bars represent the number of people travelling from each place to Exeter, with taller and brighter bars signifying an increased number of people commuting from that point.

Kevin said: “The map confirmed that the commuter belt for Exeter is growing significantly, demonstrating a clear economic need for more homes in Exeter to support this growth and provide for a more sustainable pattern of development.”


I've not been able to locate the base data used, however the census analysis charts available online (link below) shows Exeter inflow and outflow per local authority.

So for Teignbridge as a whole: 515 (6.1%) commute by train to Exeter, 500 (5.9%) by bus, 211 (2.9%) by bike and 7239 (86%) by car (total 8465). 

By way of a close(ish) comparison, the selected figures for East Devon (which includes Exmouth with its half-hourly train service) come out as follows: 758 (7.3%) by train, 606 (5.8%) by bus, 254 (2.4%) by bike and 8791 (84%) by car (total 10409).

Make of this data what you may - but for what it is worth my own take is that if a provider offers a decent, punctual joined up service, more people will be prepared to leave the car (or the bike) at home.

Time to crunch some more numbers, Stagecoach?



02 Feb 2017 23:19

Chance that there are going to be no buses as the Exeter drivers have voted to strike as they are upset at relocation of the depot to matford. 

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