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Sophie Victoria88

Perhaps they had a blazer in the dryer!

Well I use it and I walk to it, it will be better once it's a bit more mature, but I can wait. If you don't like it that's fine with me, that means you won't be there, happy days!

Shame it was so wet, it put me off going on Sunday.

20 Aug 2017

This sounds great, already looking forward to the first dog poo bag tree!

Ohhh thanks i will do that lol

Yeah I saw one of the signs in teignmouth at the weekend, luckily it's only lasting a week. I wonder if a dog can hold it in that long? Lol

I work for a professional firework firm, ( yes it's a busy time of year!) And we have our own public liability insurance etc, so putting on a professional display shouldn't be much of an insurance issue for the council. I appreciate there may be other considerations and insurance policies to be paid for at staging any event, but the actual display itself wouldn't be an issue.  maybe it's a lack of ...

McDonalds, he was cutting up lettuce.

Poor train driver!

Wow some of those waves were nearly over his ankles.

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