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A questionable butterfly


Pete B

I find it so hard to understand how anybody can support Trump, it really boggles me noggin. I heard a caller on LBC who claimed that everything that was said against him was fake news. Is that why? Trump even tried to claim that the Sun interview was fake news despite the fact that it was recorded. How can anyone trust someone as dumb and who lies constantly?

I'll be honest.... all the references to "remoaners" and "project fear" got under my skin because it is a term to diss the opposition and silence debate. I believe in my heart of hearts that brexit is a massive and dangerous mistake. I'm not simply looking for an argument. If I am wrong then I will be massively relieved and happy to admit I am wrong. I also believe that such a simple ...

1½ weeks ago

I hope you Brexiters enjoy your little England Xenophobic fantasy world. Shame you wont be alive to see how much you will have damaged you grandchildrens future :( Nevermind, the I'm alright Jack mindset continues....

And before then, 2000 BC, 4000 years ago. It's the beaker folk innit, bloody Beaker folk coming here with their drinking vessels. What's wrong with just cupping up the water with your hands and licking it up like a cat!!

1½ weeks ago

Erm, the definition of integration is as follows... 1) An act or instance of combining into an integral whole 2) An act or instance of integrating a racial, religous or ethnic group So it seems that it isn't integration that you want afterall.

2 weeks ago

Oh go on, please educate me and others. And please explain why you think freedom of speech has been the first casualty. Without facts to back up this claim you just sound a bit paranoid. Also you never answered my question asking why you felt the need for name calling?

2 weeks ago

Please explain your comments rather than hiding behind soundbites. What freedoms are you fighting for Fred and the need for name calling?

Yes and they are doing a special on used parking tickets, go large on chips for free :)

The Stars & Stripes
26 Apr 2018

Oh Paul, how can you seriously back such a mysogonistic, racist bigot with the attention span of a sperm cell and the maturity of a 2 year old?

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