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A questionable butterfly


Pete B
Anne Marie Morris
11 Jul 2017

lol thanks so much for showing your true bigoted colours burnside, you obviossly have no idea. I'd like to say more but again, after recent warnings my  feelings on your true personality would get get me banned. lol [Account closed for failing to comply with the no name-calling policy]

11 Jul 2017

"Such arrogance""  lololol You really need to to take a long hard look at yourself burnside lololol I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I know queer has been reclaimed very effectively from twunts who would love to claim it as their pathetic little insult, How many pride demos have you been to Burnside?

11 Jul 2017

This thread speaks volumes. A number of members really need to take a good look at themselves. Well done to FTG for being one of the few that truly understand the degree of racism portrayed by AMM. I would like to say more but my passion will take over and I'll end up being banned for saying what I truly think of the opinions of some of the people on this site. BTW, Queer was reclaimed many ...

Diane Abbott won her seat by a large majority but don't worry about that Huw, just play the bullshit card like all right wing twunts. Lets face it, you won't want facts to get in the way of your horrible little bigotted views lol

When you realise that you've been hoodwinked by the masss media and Tory buffoons, I just want you to know Leatash, I won't judge you. That is because I have nothing to do with the feckyouIwilldoasIwanttoConservative not-Party and I care about all people, even those I do not understand

8 Jun 2017

Burnside - Sharia courts do not and will never overule uk courts, grow up and stop spouting scaremongering bullshit. Either be man or woman enough to own up that you are small minded bigots or stop with these pathetic attacks on a religion you know nothing about. Here's my advice, visit a Mosque and talk to these people, you never know, you may learn something :)

8 Jun 2017

I'm sorry but unless you were born with a silver spoon or your mouth or are very well off, I simply cannot understand how you would side with such a nasty party. They are led by a truly aweful and weak leader, it's a joke. Unfortunately it's is a very bad joke that will cost most of us dear :( Ah, unless of course you believe the crap spouted by the mass media who are owned by 5 tax avoiding ...

8 Jun 2017

You really are a pathetic little englander FredBassett. A little bigot who's scared of his own shadow, I almost feel sorry for you.... almost eta... with regard to the "Islamification" of the UK, Fred. just a couple of questions.... 1) What would you say is the percentage of the uk you would need to overide our judicial system and Islamify the UK? 2) What do you think (no googling ...

Great news Flo, with the loss of the Dawlish Music Festival this year we really need something that promotes all the local talent and engages locals and tourists alike in what Dawlish can offer :)

lol @Paul I can never work out if you are a comedian, a troll or just a deluded ultra right wing idiot lolololol

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