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Devon leisure
Julias Sachin

Thank you for your kind remarks "TheObserver" As you know Roma was born and bred in Dawlish and is very passionate about her town and that is why she puts her feelings in writing. If, by doing this, it focuses public opinion on important issues, in this case the play park, all to the good. By the way Diana Mond can you explain why her friendship with Sheila Thomas is so ...

26 Oct 2017

Diana Mond - Your post of 18 Oct 2017 I find interesting reading, to quote "publicity-loving wife of a trickster" This, in fact, is my wife you are refering to and, I would point out that, it is by using the media that attention can be focussed on important issues such as a play park on the lawn. Hopefully we, the Dawlish residents, may then get  true opinions regarding the proposed playpark ...

Memorial Garden
29 Sep 2017

At the last Civic Amenities meeting held on 13 September, it was agreed that the decision for TDC to take back the Lease for the War Memorial Garden by St Gregory's Church, should be taken at the next full Town Council meeting to be held on Wednesday 4 October 2017. To renew this Lease will cost DTC £1 per year and the volunteer gardeners, who have made it look beautiful, are prepared to carry ...

North Korea
14 Sep 2017

Thank you for the copy, Diana Mond, from the Evening Standard. Further information can be observed from the DFID Development Tracker website regarding payments being made to North Korea -

13 Sep 2017

Let's talk about foreign aid and how much we still send to North Korea. How many taxpayers realise the amount of financial assistance that has been sent to this country over the last 6 years, over £4million from DFID. You couldn't make it up could you - write/email Priti Patel and ask her what she is going to do about it, but don't hold your breath awaiting a sensible answer

Congratulations Val, confident you will serve Dawlish very well.

Sorry put cafe in by mistake.  That is Network Rail's responsibility who say they are thinking of letting it out again next year.  They wont want to pull it down it is a barrier agaist the sea on they railway line.

23 Oct 2016

Back in September my wife phoned Teignbridge Council about this and was told it was the responsibility of Network Rail, so she wrote and complained to the Chief Executive of Network Rail about the whole sorry state of Dawlih sea front.  A letter came back on 27 Sptember to say that all the points raised  ie,  blocked stream water outlet, cafe, lack of seating, state of the surface of King's Walk ...

Are land trains expensive to purchase, Torquay has there train currently up for sale at £90,000, quite a lot of money,- but I do know of one going up for auction within the next 4 weeks at a suggested guide price of £23,000 - £25,000 - comments anyone ?

10 Sep 2016

Has anyone considered using a land train, a visitor attraction that is used in Torquay ( Ist Jan - 31st Dec ) This could be used not only as an added attraction for dawlish that I am certain visitors (and locals) would enjoy, especially if there was a drop off point at the Manor Play Park & lawns. Doing this, if it was cost effective, would save disrupting our lovely lawn, a ...

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