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Yes, it is sad, they did a great deal of good for the town.

Have seen hundreds of bikes at Powderham Church - cycling is a great way to get to the Big Weekend and to avoid the huge parking charges !

Please can the planners explain Condition 2. C. 3. 'Public arts contribution of £10,000 to provide a public art budget at the application site' There must be better ways to spend £10,000 !

I think that the staff at the railway station are very helpful and try their best to help all passengers. Unfortunately they are constrained by a lack of investment in better facilities at the station. For example, a lift is required to make both platforms properly accessible for disabled passengers, and for those with wheelchairs or pushchairs. If you arrive from Exeter after about 5pm ...

TO ALL DAWLISH TRADERS, CAFES AND RESTAURANTS Please please stay open for longer hours, you can't just open when you feel like it. Particularly in the evenings, most of the shops and cafes are shut and holidaymakers have to go elsewhere.

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