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Where are all the cars??


Pete B
28 May 2016 16:05

Just spoke to one of the chaps in charge of the traffic control signs and he said they are still waiting for the rush!


Car parking to catch the bus to Powderham 002

See more pics...

28 May 2016 17:04

Great example of how the big weekend has benifitted the council tax payers of Dawlish. Not one bit

Devon County Council stitch up

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Morty Vicker
Morty Vicker
28 May 2016 19:06

Surely the fact that people have used common sense and parked elsewhere or travelled by other means is a good thing?  People were whining on here about the potential negative impact on the football pitches blah blah blah, so no cars means no impact. And anyway, why does the fact that Sandy Lane is quiet make it a waste of money for us taxpayers? What a ridiculous notion. 


Never mind eh, Chase and Status are on soon, so I'd better get back to ENJOYING a fantastic afternoon/evening. Everyone involved in bringing all of this to Teignbridge should be very proud of themselves. Great music, great weather, great publicity, great atmosphere, great local food and drink, great value for money. Shame on you perennial naysayers. 

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Neoliberal Democrat
Neoliberal Democrat
28 May 2016 19:22

@Morty Viicker. You're at a gig and still on! And you tell others to get a life??

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28 May 2016 19:33

Sure its a great event for those lucky enough to be there, but the fact remains that someone has over estimated the turn out and in turn involved us the local tax payer in unnessesary expense and inconvienence. Leisure centre closed for no reason, equipment hire, bus hire and the staff to cover, all have to be paid for.

Medioca performances from all but SIGMA. Meghan Trainor was rubbish and looked to be miming. Jess Glynn disapointing

MV do tell how much you have spent so far and on what and would you say the "local food and drink" are good value for money

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28 May 2016 20:10

Have seen hundreds of bikes at Powderham Church - cycling is a great way to get to the Big Weekend and to avoid the huge parking charges !

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Morty Vicker
Morty Vicker
28 May 2016 23:07

FB. You've mentioned on here recently that you don't want to be a local politician. I think you should also make sure that you don't become a music critic. You're entitled to your opinion, but as someone there I can assure you that it wasn't mediocre. It was amazing. Granted I didn't see Meghan Trainor as she clashed with the awesome Twenty One Pilots. 


As for how much I spent. Well, the same as everyone else, I spent what I could afford to spend. And all of the local food and drink suppliers were doing very good trade, you'll no doubt be delighted to read.  Helped by the realistic prices being charged. 

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