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Reports are coming in of someone being hit by a train Dawlish News 516 6 Nov 2015
DALE the lost cat in Dawlish has been found - Pilchards saves the day! Wendy 137 2 Nov 2015
POLICE BUDGET CUTS 1263 90 2 Nov 2015
A multi-million pound youth centre has been saved from closure Dawlish News 72 1 Nov 2015
Running club donates piece of life saving equipment to Dawlish community Dawlish News 35 1 Nov 2015
Teignbridge's free Sunday parking scheme extends to coastal resorts - 30.10.2015 Dawlish News 70 1 Nov 2015
Father-of-three 'strangled wife and sealed body up like parcel before picking up children from school' Dawlish News 242 2 Oct 2015
Pensioner jailed - then released - after luring schoolgirls to send indecent images. Dawlish News 107 1 Oct 2015
A rather expensive trip to Poundland for this Dawlish man Dawlish News 145 1 Oct 2015
Teignmouth Beach Closed Dawlish News 122 2 Oct 2015
Teignmouth & Dawlish Neighbourhood Police Dawlish News 135 3 Oct 2015
Flood warning issued for parts of Devon coast including Dawlish, Teignmouth, Exton and Topsham Dawlish News 69 1 Oct 2015
Dawlish women wearing unsuitable clothing rescued by helicopter from Dartmoor flo 99 1 Oct 2015
Man sleeping in tent stole sandwiches from Dawlish shop Dawlish News 131 1 Oct 2015
Teignmouth and Dawlish Neighbourhood Police Dawlish News 54 1 Oct 2015
Man stole garden equipment worth £1,000 from elderly people's home in Dawlish Dawlish News 102 1 Oct 2015
Dawlish Air Show 2016 – an important announcement flo 207 1 Oct 2015
Police crackdown on crime in Dawlish in a bid to clean up the town centre Dawlish News 184 1 Oct 2015
British Construction Industry Award winners revealed Dawlish News 47 1 Oct 2015
Police stations in Dartmouth, Bovey Tracey and Dawlish among 34 to be axed flo 119 2 Oct 2015
Plans to electrify South Devon's trains are outlined in a new report Dawlish News 74 1 Oct 2015
Man in hospital after car crashes off sea wall at Teignmouth after driving along narrow coast path Dawlish News 201 3 Oct 2015
Professional South Devon golfer banned for drink driving after car crash Dawlish News 109 1 Oct 2015
Devon kestrel redefines a bird's eye view Dawlish News 71 1 Oct 2015
Celebrity Dawlish gardener, Toby Buckland, announces plans for next garden festival at Powderham Dawlish News 57 1 Oct 2015
Company bids for six more clifftop cottages Dawlish News 75 1 Oct 2015
Parts of Devon coast on flood alert as large waves and strong winds forecast Dawlish News 74 1 Oct 2015
Jilted boyfriend stabbed pregnant ex and punched and kicked her in the stomach in attempt to kill his own unborn daughter - and screamed that he would 'get the baby out of her' Dawlish News 183 1 Oct 2015
Find out more about the Starcross and Cockwood Tidal Defence Scheme at a public exhibition Dawlish News 58 1 Oct 2015
Flood alert for Torbay and South Devon Dawlish News 144 1 Sep 2015
Missing since the 21st September at 8. 31 pm elvis presley 343 3 Sep 2015
PICTURED: Huge pod of dolphins gather around Starcross sailor's yacht at Torbay Dawlish News 133 1 Sep 2015
Traffic Notice - 20 Sep - Dawlish Triathlon OurSoul 1216 45 Sep 2015
Police investigation after seven beach huts damaged in Dawlish fire Dawlish News 661 18 Sep 2015
RUGBY WORLD CUP: South Devon's official England mascot peter cross says team have 'tingle factor' Dawlish News 74 2 Sep 2015
Magnificent seven to ride through South Devon in a bid to maintain the longest rugby ball 'pass' Dawlish News 56 1 Sep 2015
Homes flooded as heavy rain batters Devon Dawlish News 181 2 Sep 2015
Train evacuated at Dawlish after big wave wipes out power Dawlish News 113 1 Sep 2015
Wooden dinghy destroyed by fire flo 175 2 Sep 2015
Strand Café For Sale OurSoul 252 1 Sep 2015

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