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Over 40s to pay tax towards their social care?


27 Jun 2018 13:27

The over-40s should pay a 'social care premium' tax to pay for care
9 hours ago - The over-40s should pay a 'social care premium' tax to pay for care ... In this photo illustration an elderly person sits in a chair at home on ...

Over 40s should pay new tax to fund creaking social care, MPs say ... › News › Health
13 hours ago - Funding shortfall for social care is expected to be £2.5bn in the next year alone ( PA ). The government should introduce a levy for over 40s, ...

MPs call for 'social care tax' for over 40s | Money Observer
1 hour ago - MPs on two select committees are calling for a new tax – dubbed the social care premium – for those aged over 40 in England, to help pay for ...

Over-40s may pay more tax for social care | News | The Times
13 hours ago - Over-40s should pay an additional tax to help fund social care with the ... Their taxproposal echoes the funding of social care in Japan, which ...

What is the over-40s tax, how would the social care premium work and ...
4 hours ago - A PROPOSED new tax could see people over 40 years old paying more ... by MPs that Brits over 40 should pay more for their care in old age.

Tax over-40s for old age care, say MPs - BBC News
12 hours ago - The contribution - dubbed a social care premium by MPs - could then be ... Other people have to pay for it themselves, with one in 10 facing ...

Make over-40s pay a social care premium, MPs advise amid growing ... › News › Politics
13 hours ago - Social care should be funded by the over-40s through a National Insurance-style ... Council tax bands should also be revised, with the extra money raised being spent ... The suggestions come amid a growing funding crisis in.

MPs call for social care tax for over 40s | Moneywise
3 hours ago - Taxpayers aged over 40 should pay a new 'social care premium' to fund ... Social CareCommittees' joint report calls for an increase in national ...

MPs back social care tax for over-40s | The Actuary, the official ...
38 mins ago - Adults aged 40 and over should pay a new tax to help fund the “unsustainable” costs ofsocial care in the UK, two House of Commons select ...


27 Jun 2018 13:43

Aren't under 40s going to get old then?

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27 Jun 2018 14:30

What has been needed in this country for decades is an elected government that actually does the job they were elected to do.


This country needs all government's that gets elected to run the country to stop spending ten's of billions of pounds on pie in the sky projects and get back to grass roots.


Immigration/borders, law and order, N.H.S, education system, highway maintenance.


The last 50 years have seen the true rot set into this country with the basic building blocks of this country and its people being eroded away. While a small select group make fortunes of others misery.

More and more taxes will not fix the base problems, but our spineless politicians, in my opinion, do not see that as an option. Just push it back on the electorate.


Any government that sells off its countries infrastructure to private enterprise, in my opinion, is not fit for purpose. Not to mention bailing them out when they run them into the ground for profit /dividends.



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28 Jun 2018 08:06


I know of someone elderly who is in a care home in Gloucestershire. Cost per week is £870.  

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28 Jun 2018 13:22

Hypothetically when you get to the age that your quality of life requires a lot of assistance/drugs etc and you cannot get around or enjoy your surroundings. Why not commit a crime that requires long term prison time. Now your new home has staff obligied by law to look after you for free. As I say hypothetical, but certainly one avenue.

What's are the other choices, pay through the nose to end up in an old people's home that you have to pay the privelege to be in!

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