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14 Apr 2018 14:38

Coryton Cove Dawlish (Dogs are banned from 1st May to 30th September

Dawlish (Restrictions may apply - usually from Easter until the end of Summer

Dawlish Warren (Dogs are banned from 1st April - 30th September

Break the ban and you could face an £80 fixed penalty fine.

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14 Apr 2018 16:45

Dogs should be banned from all beaches and public parks i have just walked up the Manor and had to step over dog s**** on five occasiones within a few hundred yards.

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14 Apr 2018 19:27

At this rate there will be nowhere to take dogs. I regularly walk in Manor park and have never seen dog poo.

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14 Apr 2018 20:50

Well, I saw a man who let his dog poo by the side of the path in the Manor and it was a big one (both poo and dog). I remonstrated with him and told him he could face a fine but he just looked blank and I don't think he really thought there was any problem. A child running along by the side of that footpath could easily step in it, plus anyone else. When you can't get through to people, what do you do?

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14 Apr 2018 21:22

In the past we had to have a dog licence to own a dog i would bring that back but make it £100 per year there are 10 million dogs in the UK and i wonder if folk had to pay that amount would everyone still want a dog.

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Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
14 Apr 2018 23:20

There is a certain type of person that lets their dog poop anywhere and it doesn't concern them one bit. You will never get through because that's the way they are. They are cretins of the first order and have no consideration for other people or the environment.

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15 Apr 2018 11:14

People with dogs coming to our coastline is a big revenue earner and to ban dogs from all beaches, in my opinion, would be a very blinkered and ignorant act IF the council did implement such an economically disasterous action.


As with most restrictions in the U.K. on freedom whether that be speech, movement or just living your life the way you want without negatively effecting those around you. It is invaraibly :-

1) A minority of people who think nothing of their anti social actions and how it may negatively effect others around them.

2) A lack by the authorities to curb such actions by these minorities to any great effect.

3) In many cases actions taken by the authorities effect everyone, but the minority continue with their anti social actions and the authorities continue to not enforce both the old laws/byelaws and/or the new ones.

With an attitude of ban all just because a few flout and the current laws are not enforced is more of a reflection of those in charge than the few who flout those laws and get away with it.


Just a slight side track, but does anyone know if the dog owner, whose dog killed the black swan in town, been arrested/charged for the offence? 

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