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The Lawn in Dawlish to become a post Brexit communal orchard and allotment?

29 Mar 2018 12:04


Food for Thought


As this country embarks on its Brexit new dawn, here are some thoughts concerning the Lawn. Though they’re two separate subjects, for some there’s a link, and written below you can see what they think.  So please carry on reading and you’ll see what they mean on the links twixt our Leaving and our town centre green.    


Now it makes sense to some that plans should get made just in case things go pear shaped on the issue of trade. For with roughly 50% of the food on our shelves being grown overseas and not by ourselves, it’s very important for future days that we have enough food to feed the UK.  As from the EU to Blighty much food gets imported, it’s really quite crucial this issue gets sorted.  If in post Brexit Britain lorries clog up at Calais, then their fresh food for import may start to decay.  And it goes without saying there’d be a to-do, if this food that we’ve ordered took time to get through.


Things like oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes, aren’t easily grown in our temperate clime (and these fruits that we mention, full of vitamin C, for keeping us healthy have proven quite key). They’re grown further south, where it’s sunny, like Spain, unlike dear old Blighty where it’s so full of rain. And melons and mangoes( if they should get to our shore), due to hold ups and tariffs will surely cost more. So with imports delayed by UK Customs en route, might the following thought be one that takes root?


Let’s grow more of our own, let’s get out and dig, let’s show them in Brussels that we don’t give a fig.  No! we’ve not gone bananas, we're really quite sane, so bear with use a mo and let us explain.


Now the point that we're making, we hope you can see, concerns our town’s intake of Vitamin C.  So let’s all pull together, let’s roll up our sleeves, let’s grow veg on the Lawn and plant fruit bearing trees. No Brussels of course, no Swedes to be seen, no Romaine(ian) lettuce  et Non! au French beans. We’ll only grow crops coloured red, white or blue and anything foreign will be promptly pooh poohed (and such cherry picked produce might prove very worthwhile should a growing food crisis occur on this isle.) 


Now at this stage in Brexit nothing’s for sure, we might end up in clover or be deep in manure. The results we await, those fruits of their labours, of the government’s talks with our EU neighbours.  A peach of a deal might be well worth the money but if things should go pear shaped it won’t be funny. Thus we might find ourselves yet in a bit of a pickle if our imports of food stuffs slow down to a trickle and the price of some produce could go sky high, as we wave to dear neighbours our Brexit  “Bye, Bye” (and just imagine the uproar, the hullabaloo, should our food end up rationed as per World War II.)


It’s then our Lawn produce could help keep us in health if, on having left ‘Europe’, we end up with less wealth. Thus our thoughts for the Lawn we hope you’ll think smart, as from our cousins in ‘Europe’ we start to depart.




15 Apr 2018 20:20

Although ........on reflection...........and given the amount of rain we've had and how sodden the ground is .....perhaps the Lawn should become a post  Brexit paddy field.    

05 May 2018 11:30

Now one more thought has come to me, as I sit with my fruitcake and nice cup of tea, that the Lawn is the place for a bit of a do where those of one  mind, should they feel so inclined, can blow bushels of rasperries straight at the EU. 

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