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Diana Mond

Leaked! Theresa May's letter to Santa!

21 Dec 2017 11:54

Seems this has been leaked and as it is doing the rounds on the internet I thought it only fair that readers should see it as well. 



From Number 10 Downing Street. London SW


 Dear Santa

As you know, we will no longer believe in you from 29th March 2019.

However, we would like to maintain the closest possible relationship with you even after we have stopped believing. We therefore fully expect to get the same presents as before (you need us more than we need you), but we will no longer have to abide by your rules of being good and stuff.

We will attach a full list of the presents that we want as soon as we can agree amongst ourselves (to tell the truth, we’ve only just started talking about that).

Please also bear in mind that you’ll no longer be able to deliver your presents like before, flying in with the sleigh, as we are taking control of our own borders. Although we do expect you to deliver presents.  I’m sure we can come up with some technological  solutions to solve this further  down the line.

We’re determined to make a success of not believing in Santa!

Whilst still getting you to deliver all our presents.

Yours etc etc

Theresa May and Cabinet

(but now minus Damien Green who’s been a naughty boy)  


5 Agrees
21 Dec 2017 12:34

Typical infantile remoaner gesture.

It seems deomcracy is only effective when it goes the way of those in power want it.

A vote took place and the majority said OUT, that is democracy.

I appreciate there is a need for a deal on how we trade with the tin pot dictator's who control the member states after we leave the eu.  Although it doesn't help having a government that does not want to leave and the eu who know the domino effect of further eu countries leaving if the U.K. isn't given a hard time.

Just walk away from the eu and any dirty tricks they decide to do to us over trade we should do to them until they see sense. Nothing worthwhile will come from bending over backwards to the eu's unelected dictators and there agenda for a european dictatorship run by germany.

Uncontrolled immigration, a lack lustre border agency has contributed to the U.K. slowly evolving into a third world country without the massive handouts from other countries.

To see how out of control this country is just continue to watch the additional physical fortifications and increased para miltary style police presence around Westminster and the ever increasing laws/powers the police have to control the masses

Let the trolls commence their bombardment.


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21 Dec 2017 12:48

It's called political satire - a long standing British tradition.  

And I see that's what you are also indulging in Deedoodle. laugh


Tis the season to be jolly

Tra la la la lah

Lala la lah

5 Agrees
21 Dec 2017 13:32

Unlike this offering, satire is amusing.

2 Agrees
21 Dec 2017 13:56

I have to disagree with you there Burneside (just for change).

I think Deedoodle's posting is hilarious.

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22 Dec 2017 08:40

And, Downing Street denies that the prime minister knew anything about Ms Maltby's allegations. A source added that "everyone should be able to work in politics without fear or harassment".

Damian Green also denied the allegations.

I wonder what the paper trail will reveal?

22 Dec 2017 09:25

Will there be a cover up or will all be revealed.............? 

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22 Dec 2017 11:05

With my uni experience, they are all at it and they will do their damndest to stop any revelations.

22 Dec 2017 12:03

Did he really think he wouldn't get found out?

Green by name and green by nature perhaps?   

2 Agrees
22 Dec 2017 12:15

I suppose it never entered his head that anyone woould know about it except the person/s who have now got him on the rack.

She will be working hard over this xmas, to make sure all is not revealed.

Enjoy your xmas Theresa, may (no pun) your god go with you.

22 Dec 2017 12:23

Yup! She'll deffo be hoping no-one talks turkey..........  

(but what a cracker if they did)

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