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Pete B

Vodafone Network

24 Feb 2017 09:10

Morning all.


Is anyone else on the Vodafone network experiencing any problem this morning, 24/02/17 ?

24 Feb 2017 10:19

Vodafone is most probably the worst network to be on down here.

There customer service is non existant unless you are looking

to buy a new phone or service and coverage poor.


24 Feb 2017 13:41

Never had a problem with their CS before and last time I phoned them, they sent me one of those plug in signal boosters (value just under £100) free of charge, so I will have to disagree with you there.

24 Feb 2017 20:27

@Carer  yes there have been problems with the vodafone network in the area this morning, great that you got a sure signal kit out of them for free i had to pay £65 for mine. you do realise the con with sure signal that it is using your broadband for its network so when you use your phone at home that your actually using your broadband and that includes using it for data as well. of course when you use it for data although they have used your broadband they still take it off your data allowance. its one of the best cons i have come across.

ShyTalk 47
ShyTalk 47
25 Feb 2017 00:49

I have continual problems getting a signal from the EE network.  I seem to be in the shadow of the hill on the Bovis estate where I live (just sometimes I can receive a very weak signal from upstairs, but not at all reliably).   How do others fare with the different networks locally?  I'm reluctant, though, to ditch EE as it is a powerful signal at other locations where I need it.

25 Feb 2017 07:20

Thanks for that, I was thinking of switching to EE as the Vodafone signal in a lot of Dawlish is terrible and in my home I have to rely on a Vodafone sure signal piece of kit.. Seems that the area has expanded on housing but not in mobile infrastructure, that seems to be a common theme with all utilities in this area.

25 Feb 2017 09:07

@ken - vodafone sure signal, from your description, does sound like a bit of kit you should really not need and certainly not pay for.

1) If I don't have a mobile signal I just connect my phone by wifi to my broadband router.

2) Three network has a free app you can down load and make calls over the internet.

I can only assume the 'sure signal' merely makes the wifi connection to your broadband router for you, also it only connects at 3G speeds (so the vodafone info says).

I tried giffgaff for a one month superfast bundle and the fastest speed, when it rarely had a signal, was 256 kbps. Yes, I did say 256 kbps not mbps and this was anywhere from Dawlish to the front at Teignmouth. A complete con and a leap back to the stone age, but the got my money all the same.


25 Feb 2017 09:44

The only place i have ever lost signal and have used my phone from Lands End to The Orkneys is DCC and Elm Grove Road and i use Talk Talk.

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